Tuesday, October 13, 2009

With you, only you, I know I can be myself

I know this is a bit casual for the office. I know that some offices would have sent me home. But it was my first day back after almost a week, and really, my first day getting dressed in something other than leggings in a tee in as long. So I went for comfort.

October 12

And I kind of love it. I’m big into the hoodie jacket combo right now, I just love the way a hoodie under a jacket looks. I’m also big on the hoodie with a dress look. I’ve seen it in a few magazines and while it never would have occurred to me on my own, I really dig the casual/dressy mix.

October 12

I was really comfy and I made a note to myself that this would be a GREAT vacation outfit for somewhere like NYC or San Francisco in the Spring or Fall. I wear a lot of layers when I travel because you experience so many different temps in one day when you are out from morning to late night, which is how we travel. Up at 9 AM, a museum or two, a garden or landmark somewhere, lunch, vintage shopping, record stores, dinner, a show or dancing and then drinks. We tend to hit life hard when we travel!

October 12

Dress, Victoria’s Secret
Jacket, Target
Hoodie, American Apparel
Tights, Target
Boots, Vintage, second hand
Bag, arebycdesign at Etsy


Linda said...

welcome back! Being sick SUCKS! You make recovery look good... ;)

Jasie VanGesen said...

I love the combo of all the different layers! If it were colder a scarf would totally complete it. :)

So glad you're feeling better!!

Sal said...

Ain't it grand to work in a tolerant environment? Glad they didn't send you packing for this chic-casual ensemble.

Alannah said...

I still think that looks really cute (if maybe not totally work-appropriate, although I think it's fine)! The dress looks really cute--I'd love to see more detail. Is it solid (black? blue?)? Strapless? I can't quite tell, but I like it!

Glad you're back in action!! <3

Tina said...

I am a fan of the jacket hoodie combo too. I esp like how your jacket is a little funky, so it's dressier.

Glad you are feeling better!

Layla said...

Hi Erin!
LOVE the combo!! Especially pic #2!
PS You've won an AWARD! Check it out here!
Totally LOVE your blog and you're such an inspiration!!

Clare said...

Love this perfect casual work outfit! Glad you're feeling better.

ShopKim said...

I think it looks great! Glad to hear you didn't get sent home for it. If it works is even semi-casual I would think that it would be perfectly fine, especially with the hoodie un-zipped.

eednic said...

i totally never thought to wear a hoodie over a dress before. and then a jacket over that. cool idea!

Courtney said...

Hmm...I think the only thing that put this in the "too casual" realm for a business casual office is the heather gray sweatshirt material. I've worked in a lot of offices with a dress code that would allow the same combo in double knit instead of fleece.

Very cute, btw! Agreed, it's not a combination I would have thought of.

Anonymous said...

I love it too!! You look so comfy chic... and that is a perfect outfit for traveling.

Welcome back!! :)


J said...

your jacket is so cute.. you mentioned it from target..is it from this season.. I love it..cannot find it online

Kyla said...

LOVE this! I definitely must find a good hoodie now!

MARISA said...

i love your boots!!

Indiana Adams said...

Those boots are a stunning vintage find. I have been looking for the perfect black cowboy boot for THREE YEARS now! You did it!

Work With What You've Got said...

the dress is black, you can see it better here:

I got the jacket around this time last year, so Target would not have it anymore. Sorry, love!

I CANNOT recommend the AA ones enough. They are just a better fit and feel than anything else!

Girl, I feel your pain. My search was just as long, don’t give up!~