Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Baby It’s Coooooooold Ouuuuuutttsiiiiiidddeee

I feel like an old person who only ever talks about the weather and “kids today” (oh man, seriously, what is WITH The Youth? I could go on and on about The Youth. I do not get the baggy pants, the music, or the tendency to plagiarize English papers. In MY day…), but goof grief!~ It was 26 degrees this AM. That may sound warm to some of you kids, but for us here in Dallas, it’s COLD, especially for this time of year. Our house is not very good at heating the bedroom and when I put my feet on the cold hardwood floor this morning it actually hurt! I don’t mind it too much though, it’s better than summer. Summer is my least favorite. I hate when it gets so hot it’s hard to get your make-up on without breaking into a sweat and ruining it.

December 9

That dress. I’m still not sure how I feel about it. I think it’s cute, and I enjoy wearing it. But it was the first thing I ever bought from Ruche. The fabric is much cheaper feeling than I thought it would be, it’s almost a printed cheesecloth, and it ripped the very first time I wore it and had to be repaired. So as a test, it didn’t do so well, and I’ve never even looked at ruche again (the other dress I ordered at the same time was similarly wearable but disappointing fabric-wise.) What are your experiences with Ruche? Am I making a snap judgment, or are most of the clothes cheap and poorly made (but really adorable)? The cuff I ordered was adorable, well made and very wearable. I wore it a lot last Spring.

December 9

I’ve had this jacket for years. I think I’ve had it since before I gained and then lost a lot of weight, which would mean it went with me from size 4 to size 16 to size 4 to size 6, and never really stopped fitting. I’m not even sure how that is possible. That jacket has been through a lot. Nathan once cleaned red wine off of it. He also cleaned vomit off of it. And red wine stained vomit. He’s a REALLY good husband, and the jacket remains stain free and in good condition because of him.

December 9

Even though it was 26 degrees outside, I still wanted you to be able to see my actual outfit, and not just my outerwear. Although I put a lot of emphasis on outerwear, I know a lot of people just throw on whatever coat fits or works over what they are wearing, but I like to build on my outfit. Expand the theme. For most of us fashion bloggers, getting dressed is like an art we practice every day. And I don’t want my art to stop at the bottom layer.

December 9

Changing the topic, but is December kind of crazy for you? I mean I feel like I went weeks without any sort of social calendar and now I find I’m not only booked but I’m accidentally overbooking and having to tell people I screwed up and can’t attend something I said I would or do something I said I would and I feel terrible about it!~ Being late and backing out of social events are two of my biggest pet peeves, so I hate doing it to others. I would like to spread the social events out of the Fall and Winter evenly. Summer gets a lot of love, and so do the Holidays, but sometimes the rest of the year can get so slow and boring!

December 9

And that is how I really felt taking those gloveless, scarfless, coatless pictures! Brrrrrrrr!~

September 1

September 1

I think when I’m old and grey, this lariat will go down as one of my personal favorites out of all the pieces I’ll ever make. It’s just perfect.

Jacket, Vintage
Dress, Ruche
Scarf, ½ American Apparel Circle Scarf
Gloves, Target
Cardigan, American Apparel
Thigh high socks, Sock Dreams
Boots, Matisse
Diamond Necklace, gift
Skull necklace, self made


Kayla said...

It's a shame that dress is a poor material, but it is so cute. I appreciate the advice though and I'll head any purchases from Ruche.

hillary said...

Which socks are they I have been debating on getting some there. Thoughts?

Kelly said...

I have had similar experiences with Ruche. I bought two dresses and a scarf. All sort of crappy material. One dress ripped the first day I wore it (well, I did have a pin around the point where it ripped, but I still feel like I was not doing anything so crazy as to warrant a rip unless the fabric was cheap) and the other is just weird - it's like see-through, and super low, like so low it even looks weird to belt it because the necklace extends lower than a belt does. I should have returned it because it was nothing like the picture. I've never worn it.

I think I bought something else once too but whatever it was I returned it and didn't even like it enough to remember!

Anonymous said...

This outfit is adorable!! I love the green thigh high socks.. I really have to get myself some now. :)

Aww and your husband sounds so sweet... I love a man who can save my clothing. What is his secret to getting out the stains?


Tina said...

You def accomplished your goal of building on a theme with your outerwear! I thought the jacket and the scarf were part of the outfit until I scrolled down. You look fabulous. One of my favorites.

I've never even heard of Ruche. LOL

Kasmira said...

Hey old lady (just kidding!), I love the outfit! You look so adorable in the OTK socks. I also like the tweed jacket paired with the pretty floral dress.

Jamie Michelle said...

I am so inspired to hear that you went from a 4, to a 16, and then back to a 4/6 again. I've had this roller coaster experience of metabolic slow-down over the past couple years and I am currently in the process of dropping 50lbs. I am on the cusp of losing my first clothing size! Yay Erin!

Alannah said...

I would really love to see what you do with outerwear if you lived here!! I know there are cute coats, but when it's negative whatever when I get up in the morning, there is not a chance I'm wearing anything other than my ugly but functional LL Bean heavy coat. I am jealous that you are able to throw a cute jacket on and be warm enough to make it through the day!

I could go on and on about The Youth too (and sometimes Chris & I DO--ha ha). It's only going to get worse as we age~!

Nathan is totally boss! I love a man who cares about fashion, and keeping YOUR pieces nice too. Awesome.

Wear Necessities said...

Great outfit, sucks though about the quality. I've never bought anything from Ruche. -Natalya of Wear Necessities

Goober said...

Those thigh high socks are fabulous!

It was 22 when I left for work this morning. As a California girl, that is just Too Cold.

Candycane said...

I love that dress and cardie :D

26 IS our summer here in the UK LOL


Rudyinparis said...

I think this is my favorite outfit I've seen you wear! Love the thigh-high socks.

Clare said...

That lariat is just perfect, and honestly this whole outfit is fabulous. You look great. Stay warm!!

Kyla said...

That coat is fantastic! I really like it over that dress.

Anonymous said...

Weird weather! I live in WV, and it was about 60 here today. We are generally used to much, much colder temps in December.

You looked cute today, by the way!

myedit said...

What you are saying is that the jacket is like the pants from Sisterhood of the Travelling Pants, except without the travelling. It's really cute and I love the colour and pleated pockets...

Sheila said...

Good outfit! I appreciate the detail and thought that goes into your outerwear. I try to do that as well (most of the time, I walk to and from work, so it's always my parka, but you know).

That is a marvellous coat - what a history!

I hear ya about the social stuff. I'm starting to crave "me" time.

Sandy said...

Those socks are the coolest thing I've ever seen. I love them!

Work With What You've Got said...

I don’t see the ones I have on the site anymore, I’ve had them a few years. But they have held up really well, and I have only heard nice things about all things Sock Dreams.

For red wine, he uses…SALT. Seriously. He scrubs it with salt. I have no idea how that works.

Jamie Michelle,
Please feel free to write (erindyan at gmail dot com). It was hard, but doable. I did Weight Watchers and I cannot recommend them highly enough. Shelia and Kyla (both commented above and both have amazing blogs!) also used them, and are at very happy weghts now, and HOLDING…

Kim said...

Candycane, she means 26F, that would make it 3C here in the UK. BRRR indeed!

Erinbum, I have not bought any clothes from Ruche but covet a LOT so I will definitely take that on board. I've ordered a few bits of jewellery from them and essentially you get what you pay for - not nice metal, the kind that'd REALLY bother a lot of people with sensitive skin. It's never as nice as it looks in the photos. BUT on the whole I don't mind that with jewellery - I've got a couple of proper pretty pieces if I want to dress up but usually it's just for fun anyway.

futurelint said...

Oh my! I want THIS WHOLE OUTFIT! I love the dress with the socks with the boots, with the jacket! It's perfect!!!

Acacia said...

great outfit!!

Anjolee said...

I like this outfit way much and those boots are hot!