Friday, December 18, 2009

Every Friday Just About Midnight, All My Problems Seem to Disappear

I spent all last night helping Kelly finish her cake balls. Things we learned include:

1. You must use oil based food coloring in almond bark, or really weird things happen.

2. Milk chocolate chips do not work as a cake ball coating. They don’t melt right and they take forever to harden. (You can make a passable milk chocolate by adding semi sweet chips to almond bark though!)

3. Cake Balls are more fun to make with someone else.

We got them all done though, and then when it was time to clean up, I managed to get myself out of it by getting a puncture wound. Nathan got me some tees at the thrift store, and I was taking the staples out and…you get the picture. It hurt, but the worst part was when the blood spurted out and arced across the bathroom. I was not prepared for that. The site of your own blood shooting away from your body is always a little alarming. But I lived.

December 18

The cold weather gives me a new appreciation for Casual Fridays. I don’t like pants, but I do love jeans. And they are so warm and cozy. A nice tee shirt, a Hoodie and a pair of jeans is just about all I want right now.

December 18

Still loving the ANA jeggings. If you have a JCPenny nearby, I encourage you to go have a peek, I know some of you already have. Did you find them? Do you love them? Nathan mentioned how nice they were this morning, and I still agree. I’ve worn them a few times now and they are SO comfortable, and a nice aspect right now is that they ARE slim fit, but also lose enough to layer under if need be. I did that for ART CON and it looked great.

December 18

Yes, ladies and gentleman, that’s another bag recently Thrifted by my gorgeous and talented husband. No one has thrifting mojo like he does. It is dark brown leather, has cute side tassels and a bit of a Google tells me that brand is carried at Dillard’s and Amazon and runs around $100.00 - $250. I looked at the Dillard’s site, and there are some really great designs, and I can attest to the quality, the leather is really nice, as are the hardware and details. He does also work in PVC, so there is something for everyone.

I hope everyone has a great weekend. I’ve got a Tamale party tonight I’m really looking forward to! I love to eat!~

Tee, The Black Angels concert
Hoodie, American Apparel
Jacket, Forever XXI
Jeggings, ANA at JCPenny
Boots, Matisse
Bag, Antonio Melani, Thrifted
Bone necklace, Love Erin Designs
Bat skull necklace, mrd74 at Etsy
Band-Aid, Cabo


hillary said...

I make chocolates with my inlaws every year and a trick she taught me is when you are using regular chocolate and it isn't melting add a little bit of crisco as you double boil it.

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I can't believe how great your hubby is at thrifting! Great look overall!

Karen Beth said...

I LOVE my jeggings! Thanks so much for the recommendation! I have them on right now. :)

Rachel said...

I wish I could look that good in jeggings! I am praying for flairs aka bell bottoms to come back!! :)

Alannah said...

I love it when you wear concert t-shirts. You have some really great ones but rarely seem to wear them (at least for the blog)!

I was at Penny's but didn't have time to look at the jeans... I really hope to once we get back from VT.

I still feel bad I was such a failure when I tried to "help" with the cakeballs. I'm sure it's amazing when you have two competent people to do it together! Ah ha ha.

What a great purse--woo, Nathan! I hope your puncture would heals quickly. :(

Connie said...

Love that purse and those boots.

Want some of those jeggin's, cuz' that's how I say it in my head.

And, OH, on the oil based food coloring. Seriously just added green to my white almond bark and got the equivalent of sand-icing or something. Now I know. What perfect timing.

Leina said...

Awesome bag!!

The JCP I went to only had the denim leggings in L and XL. So I tried the L, and it was a bit loose. Say what? I may hit up another JCP to look for them in M.

Cheree said...

I hate wearing pants too, except jeans, I thought I was all alone with that particular satorial quirk.

Sheila said...

Wow, awesome bag! Nathan has an excellent eye.

Mmmmm...cake balls...

Raia said...

love ur comfort..:)

myedit said...

Another day, another Nathan find!
I can't stop staring at your jeggings, they look like the most flattering jeans but must be as comfy as my old, yellow trackpants... I need to cross the border soon...
And good tip on milk chocolate not melting down right... that may have been my problem in the past...

ArkieStyleErin said...

I admit, after I saw your ANA jeggings, I immediately trekked to JCP and bought myself a pair! SO AMAZING! Thanks for sharing with all of us!

FashionAddict said...

What a beautiful bag! Great find!

WendyB said...

"cake balls" was definitely something I needed to see after my crap day today. CAKE BALLS! love it.

Sabrina said...

I am loving the jeggings and am going to be searching high and low at JCP for my size.

I WANT YOUR BAG!!! I can't believe that your hubby found and picked it up for you at a thrift, I wish my husband had those thrifting skills

et said...

On your recommendation, stopped by JCP & grabbed a pair of the jeggings. This JCP also only had a couple of pairs & not all sizes. Didn't try them on because of the huge line for the dressing rooms. Got home, tried on, & love them - & I had shied away from the hype. Thank you for finding some without the weird sanding/fading & other special effects! Great basic comfy wear.

Lorena said...

I still have not made the cake balls but, I will surely include them in my New Years Resolutions...
You look amazing from head to toe!!! I love love the jeggins on you (not on me) .... great boots and I have to say that your husband's thrifting abilities are to be envied..... drooling over the BAGGG!

God's Favorite Shoes! said... I went to JCP looking for the ANA jeggings...I couldn't find them! I bought some black ones...but I hate them:( I'm taking them back pronto. They were low rise...not good.