Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Je Ne Parle Pas Francais

New Moon was good. It was my least favorite of the books, because every last one of the main characters acts like a jerk for an extended period of time. Also I could not stop laughing every time one of the children took their shirts off. I know it was supposed to be “hot” but it was just really ridiculous. If I were Bella, I would start carrying a spare men’s tee in my back pack.

December 16

I have no idea why it has been so long since I’ve worn this dress, it’s one of my favorites. I also love that hoodie. I got it at Old Navy a while ago and I love the tuxedo like ruffles on the front.

December 16

December 16

I’m having my first socially over-busy week in a really long time. I have something every night this week. When we were both working, it was like this all the time. But since we don’t have a lot of spare money, we go out a lot less. It’s nice. The week goes by so much faster this way. But its only Wednesday and I am SO TIRED. So old.

December 16

Jacket, really really old
Hoodie, Old Navy
Dress, Target
Leggings and socks, Target
Boots, Steve Madden
Green button necklace, hand made by Lara
Bird Necklace (Love Erin Designs)


Sabrina said...

New Moon was my least favorite of the books too.

It was weird for me to watch the wolves always shirtless, I felt like a pervert since they are so young.

Love the outfit today. I am really loving these over the knee socks you have been wearing, I am going to have to get me some soon.

Amy said...

Loving this outfit! I love that dress with the over knee high socks and hoodie, so unexpectedly adorable!


Linda said...

My least favorite was the last book. BOOORING! I liked new moon, I guess I like jerkiness!

Kiki said...

I love your new necklaces and what a fun way to style that dress! I have the same dress but haven't brought it into winter yet.

Jasie VanGesen said...

This outfit is super tough and girly at the same time... I quite like it.

myedit said...

Question: What did we do before we layered like crazy and wore Over the Knee socks? We wore pants... all the time, right? So happy for OTK socks! I love your mix of soft, flowy peices with a little edge...

Alannah said...

I agree with Jasie, tough and girly for the win!

If I owned any boots, I would totally wear the over the knee socks (although I feel like I'd look ridiculous)!

overcaffeinated said...

I love that dress and all the layering you've done with it. It makes it look so tough and girly at the same time.

I loved New Moon. I could have done without the "Fabio" moment after Bella crashed her bike, but it was certainly amusing. New Moon was my least favourite book as well, and I found Jacob so annoying in print. But in the movie, I think he's actually more appealing than Edward.