Friday, December 11, 2009

Have Love, Oh Baby, Will Travel

Oh. My. Gosh. So I went to Volunteer (for ART CON) training at the warehouse last night. I wanted to test run “regular” clothes. So I wore:

Tights, Leggings , Jeans, Wool hiking socks, Cotton knee socks, Dr Martins , A tee, A cardigan, A hoodie, A leather biker jacket, Leather gloves, And ear muffs.

And I was still cold. I just have to believe it will be warmer the night of the event. They will close all the doors, which are all open now, and I’ve heard tale of portable heaters. I mean, I just don’t have any more serious cold weather gear than that, you know?

I am wearing my new jeans(which are actually jegggins) today. I love love love them. I have more details further down in the post but here is my outfit…

December 11

I love them SO HARD. They are perfect, just perfect.

December 11

I have a happy hour after work today and the invite said “Lowest Key Happy Hour Ever”. I am so looking forward to that, and by it’s very title, all the pressure to wear something special has been lifted, and I can just feel good going in my vintage tee and jeans. That’s always nice. I think when I was younger it was easier to know what to wear, when...but as I get older it gets harder to tell which events I should go all out for, which events I should dress up just a bit for and which ones are just casual.

December 11

And this outfit will be great for all day because it’s cozy, and has lots of layers so if I get warm, I can remove some, but if it’s cold I can wear them all. No worries. Just cozy.

December 11

So, like I said, these jeggings are perfect. They are a dark wash, with no weird fading or whatnot, just a nice, dark wash. They are long enough for me, which is sometimes a problem for me. They have back pockets. But the front pockets are fake, creating a nice smooth line. There is no zipper, which means my fly can never be undone, hahaha. They do have a button, and the waist is not elastic, but the same stretchy denim as the rest of the pant. That’s kind of a big deal to me, because my fear with my old jeggings was that I’d raise my arms and people would see the waistband, which was tacky looking elastic and also gave me a fat roll I don’t normally have. The waist is actually really nice. It’s stretchy enough to keep the pants firmly in place, but it does not pinch or give me “muffin top” AT ALL. And it is really comfortable and not constrictive at all when sitting, the way some jeans can be. I swear I have jeans I think are going to cut me in half. Here are some detail shots of the waistline for you…

December 11

December 11

See? They look just like "real" jeans. Seriously, I love them. Love love love.

Harley Tee, Vintage and Thrifted
Cardigan, Hoodie and scarf, American Apparel
Jeggings, A.N.A at JCPenny
Ankle boots, Blowfish via Zappos
Diamond necklace, gift,
Talon necklace, Talonalia
Bat skull necklace, mrd74 at Etsy
Bird skull necklace, mrd74 at Etsy


Sal said...

Your jeggings blow mine right out of the water. They ARE pefect!

futurelint said...

LOVE the vintage tee, anything with eagles on it gets my approval! I may have to get my butt to JC Penny to try on the pants - I've always been scared of the jegging but these ones seem more like real jeans!

Karen Beth said...

These jeggings look fantastic! I've looked up some more reviews after seeing yours and 99% of them are REALLY very good! I never thought I could or would wear leggings like this but I might have to try them. I'd love some skinny jeans that actually LOOK like something. Thanks! You've inspired a purchase, methinks. :)

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

On my way to JC!

Sabrina said...

I love your jeggings. The a.n.a brand from JCP is probably one of my favorite brands.

I went online to buy these are they are pretty much sold out :(

Peaches and Cream said...

Loving this outfit, very impressed by the jeggings, though I still hate that word! They really do look like real jeans, just more comfortable. And I absolutely love that AA scarf, been thinking about getting one of those for awhile now...I am obsessed with tie-dye!!

Alannah said...

Wow, those jeans look FANTASTIC on you. HOTT. <3

I really love your casual looks. You don't do many of them so I always get excited when I see you in a t-shirt & jeans!

Have fun at happy hour & the Art Con!

Karen Beth said...

I hate the word too but I got some anyway! I went straight to JCP after work and they had a good many at the store (if anyone needs me to get them and send them, let me know). The size L was a bit too big but the size M was wayyyy too tight so I went with the large and hope that they will shrink. Do they shrink?

Also, ANA had some black skinny legging slacks that are amazing! Love them! They fit PERFECTLY!

Rachael said...

Loving the jeggings! They look so comfy.

Leina said...

Love this outfit! The scarf and the jacket are an awesome combo.

Since I saw that these pants do come in Petite sizing on the website, I may have to check them out in person.

Rory said...

I like your blog so much, it's great. And I love your jacket and jeans

Tira said...

I bought the jeggings today thanks to you. They fit perfectly! I cannot wait to wear them out.

Jeff Smith said...

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