Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Oh, The Weather Outside Is Frightful

It started to snow as I took my pics today!

December 2
(Look at those huge silver hoops that Pilalex got me in Mexico last week, they are amazing!)

It’s true that down here in Dallas we normally get a couple days of snow each year, but not normally this early. It’s nice though, to be honest. I still don’t have a car, which means I didn’t have to drive in it. And it won’t stick, which means we won’t get an ugly dirty sludgy mess. Snow here is really just pretty, and then gone.

December 2

No pics without the coat today, kids, it was too cold. But you can see my blouse. I am recklessly mixing patterns there. I love a floral with an animal print. I got that coat about 10 years ago. I had just graduated university and it was one of the first major purchases I made for myself. I needed a new coat, so we went and shopped the department stores, because back in the day you couldn’t get nice things at Target, and the selection at discount store was nothing like it is now. I adored this coat, still do. I don’t remember what I paid for it, but I do remember it was a lot, even on sale. It’s by Guess and it has held up really well. The texture of the faux fur is still nice and other than re-sewing the snaps in a couple places, it’s never needed repairs.

December 2

I also remembered to wear gloves today, my hands hurt they were so cold by the time I got to work yesterday. These are the short leather gloves I got last year…

Nov 21

Yesterday I saw the weather report, saw that it was going to be cold, and promptly ignored it. I don’t know what I was thinking, but I was cold all day. I needed a cardigan in a serious way. Lesson learned. Respect the weather report.

December 2

And just because I think it’s funny…last night we had pizza rolls for dinner. And I had mine with a tiny bottle of Champagne in a vintage champagne glass. Pizza rolls and champagne. I think it captures me pretty well, to be honest.

Pizza Rolls and Champagne

Coat – Guess, but at this point I might as well say “vintage”
Cardigan, Target
Blouse, Target
Denim Leggings, Target
Ankle Boots, Zappos (Blowfish)
Gloves, Target
Earrings, Gift
Foks, celapiu at Etsy


Katherine said...

I love, love, love that knitted fox stole!

Sarah said...

Sometimes you just need the champagne. :)
I love that coat!

BAM said...

hehe, there are weather rumors that we'll get snow in Houston on friday. We only get it about every 4-5 years and it snowed last year, so a bunch of us are all-abuzzed about it.

Dinner looks fab, dahling!

Tina said...

Your dinner is right up my alley! And speaking of being "right up the alley", I'm going to be just a few alleys away from you once we move. We'll be in the same neighborhood.

Sal said...

Wow, it's snowing in Texas but not in Minnesota? What is UP, weather systems?

Goober said...

Love the pattern mixing. I can't believe it was snowing!

Alannah said...

You got the same storm we did (only we got "real" snow here and it's like 15 degrees--whee)!

After seeing your vintage champagne glasses, I am now obsessed with finding some for myself! I LOVE those.

Those hoops are awesome. I totally love that coat on you too... animal prints scare me but I love them on you!

overcaffeinated said...

Pizza and champagne... sounds perfect actually!

Love the pattern mixing here, and the knitted fox stole is too cute!

Sheila said...

Snow in Texas, but not here in Canada, haha! Of course, I am on the mild west coast, but still. The irony!

I literally gasped when I saw that coat. You ever get tired of that, please send it my way, Erin. :)

Ashley said...

Do you like in the Munger Place area? It looked like it from the snowy photo. I live a few blocks from there! :) Also loved your pizza rolls and Korbel (my fave drink), but I like to drink mine with Ruffles potato chips for some reason. I'm classy like that! :)