Monday, December 14, 2009

I've Traveled Half the World to Say "I Belong to You"

ART CON went really well. It was cold, but a good 20 degrees warmer than it had been all week, plus there were heaters. I was a cashier, and the job itself is pretty stressful, so I was and am still, totally exhausted. But it was worth it, and I will be back next year. Next year, I think I might even apply to be an artist.

I kept my head warm though, with this hat Nathan crocheted for me! My husband has many talents. This is his newest. He taught himself by watching videos online.

Nathan made me this hat

We are having a warm day today!~ Yay! Its supposed to get cold again tomorrow but I am enjoying it while it lasts.

December 14

It was strange getting dressed today because I kept wanting to add a layer!~ I am down two from the past couple weeks... A cardigan/hoodie and tights under my leggings. It feels nice!

December 14

I have got a super busy week this week. I am even double booked some nights. But I’m kind of looking forward to it. I have not been so busy in a while and it really does make the weeks go faster.

December 14

I love these earrings.

December 14

Pilar brought them back for me from Mexico. A couple months ago, I lost one of my big sterling silver hoops at work one day. I searched and searched, but didn’t find it. I even held on to the one I had left for a couple weeks, but I eventually gave up and threw it out. And don’t you know, the very next day the on e I lost showed up behind a box under my desk. I was so sad. But Pilar is such a good friend she thought of me a got me not just a replacement pair, but an even BIGGER pair. I love me some giant hoops.

This necklace is a gift as well!~ Wendy over at Prairie Oats (prairieoats to search) sent it to me. I just love it. I had actually been really wanting one, and when it arrived it made my week. Thank you Wendy!

December 14

Jacket, Forever XXI
Dress, Target
Socks, Target
Leggings, Target
Boots, Steve Madden
Necklace, gift, Prairie Oats at Etsy
Earrings, gift, Mexico


Courtney said...

What an adorable hat! I have been trying to learn to crochet from a book, but it's not working well. (The drawings they include are more confusing than helpful.) Would you mind passing on a few links to some of the videos Nathan used? That sounds like a great way to learn! Thank you!

Sal said...

So envious that you can wear a dropwaist. And it looks amazing with the military blazer.

ShopKim said...

That hat looks fantastic on you! That's so cooled that he learned to do that.

Connie said...

Great job Nathan! I plan on learning as well, but more for stress relief..I need something calming to do. Knitting sounds calming. But, I'll probably get frustrated and give myself a coronary, but I'll have a pretty scarf to show for it!

Still loving the socks-over-tights-under-boots!

Shopaholic said...

You look great, but what I really need to say is...
"Your husband crochets?" that is remarkable, where can I get one?? (A hubbie that crochets that is! How awesome)

Anonymous said...

That hat is a really great look for you too! Love the outfit today as usual.

Rose said...

I'm Rose, I found your blog by googling "fashion blogs" lol and I really like it! I absolutely love your style..And as for your post today..that hat is SO cute! I'm learning to do knitting, so maybe I'll post something made by me =D

myownlittleuniverse said...

love this dress, love the whole outfit! i cant believe your husband crocheted that for you!!! how cool! it looks really cute on you. i'm really loving hats right now.

Katherine said...

I love your boots! They look exactly like a pair of Fryes that I just finally bought after a lot of hemming and hawing!

Audi said...

I just love love love these socks-over-tights looks you've been rocking lately. I've got to do up an outfit like that myself.

FashionAddict said...

Cute, and I LOVETH the whole outfit. The over the knee socks are sooooo cute, and that jacket is to die for!