Wednesday, February 10, 2010

And This is Where I Realize, My Trouble Comes With Bluest Eyes

My Edit wrote an amazing and honest post about the end of her first year as a fashion blogger. Highly recommended reading.

So I had an awesome dream last night. All of my awesome dreams are either sci-fi or have vampires or zombies in them. This one had both vampires and zombies. We (Nathan and I) were staying at a rural hotel (I know, that would never happen, but dreams are weird like that). The hotel was attacked one night by vampires. Oddly enough this attack was brief and the hotel staff and guests pretty much killed them all right quick. Then zombies attacked. We set fire to the zombies that had gotten in by dousing them with stuff from the bar and throwing matches at them. In my dreams, this is an acceptable way to kill zombies. Of course setting fire to zombies inside will lead to the building burning down, but lucky for us it was a multi building complex. We moved next door, took all the doorknobs off the doors so that the building was only accessible via deadbolt. Then we tore down the stairs and boarded up all the first floor windows. At some point some dude’s mom pretended she was going to kill herself, and instead she shot the dude standing next to her so I put a bullet between her eyes. The dude said it was cool though, because she was a jerk. In my dreams, apparently I am a cold blooded killer of both zombies and other people’s mom’s. Is it just me or is that a bit disturbing?

In I Got Dressed News, I woke up feeling uninspired due to both the shopping ban and the cold, so I decided to declare this a theme week. I don’t think I have ever done a theme week, but this is all black week. So there!~

February 10

I keep thinking I want to have this dress made into a skirt. What are your thoughts on that? It’s lined, so it would be a bit more expensive. But I think it might be nicer than always having to hide the top of the dress (which is too costume-y)

February 10

It’s 32 degrees so I’ve got on 2 pair of leggings. I have seen footage from some of the areas that are snowed in, and I have to be honest I don’t’ even really have the experience to draw from to have ANY idea what that must be like. At all. I hope you are warm and I hope you have plenty of food and water and books. And blankets!

February 10

I managed to get my hands on a couple of bottles of Mad As A Hatter from the OPI Alice in Wonderland tie in collection and…SWOON. The picture does it no justice. It is to die for. Glitter glitter glitter. I takes 2-3 coats to get this look and it tends to just peel off in sheets so removal is a snap!

Mad as a Hatter by OPI

Nathan took this random picture today as I was getting ready to get in the car and it’s just my lunch bag (I normally use a reusable one, but I left it at work) but I really liked it.

February 10

And today is the third day of Valentines. I got this ADORABLE ceramic cupcake jar from Target. I LOVE it.

Jacket, Bona Drag, customized by me
Wrap cardigan, Alternative Apparel
Dress, Jovovich Hawke for Target
Leggings and Knee highs, Target
Boots, Vintage
Bag, Express
Elbow Length Leather Gloves, Target
Scarf, American Apparel
Isabella Wolf Fang Necklace, Wendy Brandes Jewelry


Sabrina said...

I love the dress as a dress!!

We got a bunch of snow here yesterday, 17 inches!!!!!! It was not so fun digging through that.

Emily Kennedy said...

Ha ha ha ha ha!!!!! Myself and most of my loved ones totally dream about zombies. Alot. It's ridiculous. We're all serious zombie killers in our dreams, so if you're weird, you're weird like us.

Also, I think picking a theme for your weeks is such a great way of smacking the shopping band right in the kisser. I love that you chose black. It's like you're in morning for your dead spending ways.

Jasie VanGesen said...

that varnish is fantastic! I need to get back into painting my nails, big time, and that color right there might be what makes me finally do it.

I love the all-black theme. On some people it could fall flat and go boring, but your mixtures of texture with the leather look, lace, tie-dye... it keeps it visually interesting, for sure.

Alannah said...

I wish I could say I don't have any personal experience to draw on when it comes to being snowed in!! Thankfully, though, this whole thing isn't messing with Colorado much. We had our small bit Monday and it's moved on.

I am loving "All Black Week"~!

What did you bring for lunch?!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Don't you love it when you "kick ass" even in your dreams?!?

I am amazed that remember so many details from a dream. I forget things while I'm awake half the time, so remembering a detailed dream.

I see you made it to American Apparel. I'm wearing my circle scarf as I type. Funny thing is that I don't wear it in the million ways the little pamphle suggest for it...I have to main ways...short and long.

By the way, I don't know if you ever covered this before but I know that you said you lost a lot of weight. Can you share what you did? Where you started as far as dress size, etc? Also, how long has it been? Do you have "before" pics? What do you do now to keep it up??

Sorry, if you already covered this:)

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

ugh....excuse all the missing words and incorrectly spelled words...I was typing in "secret"...that's code for at "at work":)

yotababy said...

Your dream was so much better than mine! Oddly, mine was half in French...

And I really like that dress! It probably would look great as a skirt as well though...

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Love the leather and lace.

ANA said...

Loving the black theme! Can't wait to see what else you come up with :o)

hillary said...

Uninspired my ass. I think this is my favorite look on you.

For a similar look you could do you jovoich hawk with engineer boots! (or I might cause I own those too aahahaha)

Linda said...

I have to say, I love you in black! All black is definately a good look for you! I don't know if I want you to alter that dress...what does the top look like?
And yes, Yen's post was very revealing, I'll admit there have been times we have gone through other peeps blogs jealously wondering to what another what the appeal of so and so is. It's nice to know everyone has it.

Jane W. said...

Wow! You look positively luminous in black!

futurelint said...

#1. "In I Got Dressed News" = hilarious!

#2 I'm totally down for an all black theme week from you... you do it so well... I'm rubbish in all black

#3 That nailpolish is awesome and totally reminds me of middle school, when I used to paint everything I owned with glitter nailpolish!

#4 If you ALWAYS have to hide the top of the dress, then get it altered!

ThriftyMomma said...

Very random question and I am new to your blog so I'm not sure if you have done a post about this...but I LOVE your eyebrows..they are perfection! Can you tell me how you achieve this???????

amy lapi said...

i just wanted to say that i love your blog and i think you're beautiful! and i like the dress as a dress, too. :)

Anonymous said...

(Semi-new reader here, first time commenting.)

I wouldn't have thought it possible, but you are changing my mind about black!!

I'll be honest: my northeastern city is overwhelmed with people in black this time of year, and as someone who really loves color, I'm sick of it. I also think that too many people wear black because it's easy or because it's considered fashionable/stylish when in fact, all that black on everyone all the time is just BORING.

You, however, are putting together seriously amazing outfits this week, wonderful combinations of shape and texture (twists! tiers! lace! leather! hardware!), and I love every one of them. I'm sorry about the cold and the shopping ban (I can sympathize!!), but what it generated is fantastic!

MARISA said...

that jacket and that nailpolish......i neeeed

the nailpolish reminds me of those sparkle louboutins shoes

Rad_in_Broolyn said...

Hey, love the all black combo number too.
Sorry to hear about the shopping ban funk. Have you considered arranging some clothing swaps with fellow bloggers? I konw that talking about sizing is sensitive but I bet that you might be able to do great things with someone else's loved stuff.
The week will be over soon, and you'll feel better!

what i would have worn... said...

Where to begin? LOVE the nail polish and the scarf; totally intend to copy the spiky jacket (no vintage stores here in the Middle East though so it will have to go on my long term to do list); I think the dress would work really well as a skirt, you could style it up with a silky top or down with a vintage band tee; re: zombies, hmmm, make sure you keep a dream journal, maybe there’s a novel or a film script in there somewhere…

Work With What You've Got said...

Alannah, easy Mac shells and cheese. Lol. Not good for you, but I don’t care.

Linda, I don’t have a picture of the top, I’ve only worn it to a Salsa club without a sweater because it’s so costume-y. But this girl does. She looks lovely, to be sure, but I just don’t feel comfortable in it without covering up those lace straps…

Thifty Momma, Thank you. I fill them in with dark brown eyeshadow and I use an angled eyeliner brush to do so.

Rad, I am thinking about it. You are right sizing is sensitive, and I’m trying to think of the logistics.

Thanks to everyone for all the kind words!~

myedit said...

Thanks for the shout -out!
Um... I think you should make the dress in to a skirt, especially since the top makes it harder to wear. Lacey skirt, plain tee and beat up boots? perfection? yes, I think so...

Life with Kaishon said...

I like that as a dress. I think it is perfect. That nail polish is SO cute.

Audi said...

I dreamt that my dog peed on the floor in the middle of the night... only to wake up and find out that she did. :-/

I think I like the dress as a dress, because you can let a wee bit of the lace peek out at the neckline. I love how you wore all black with this outfit and still managed to make it look interesting and textured. Oh, and your photos look especially pretty lately.

Wicked Thrifty- Formerly The Thrifty Stylist said...

oh, noooo, i think the dress is perfect as a dress. great neckline detail. flouncy black skirts are a dime a dozen but a bodice that fits is unusual.
very lovely altogether.

i'm trying to brown-bag it more often. it's a losing battle- often i leave it on the counter. sigh.

Leah said...

i like your scarf a lot!

and the dress looks really cute; at first i thought it was just a skirt. i'd say go for it, if you always hide the top & never wear it as a dress.

wardrobeexperience said...

amazing outfit! love everything about it.