Tuesday, February 23, 2010

The Chase Is All You Know, And She Stopped Running Months Ago

We have executives in the office this week, which means I’m trying to dress more…office-y. I used to dress that way all the time, so I know it’s possible, but I also used to be 35-40 pounds heavier and have an entirely different wardrobe! I just don’t have a lot of slacks to choose from. In fact I have these and the black pair you’ve seen me wear before. And I don’t love the way these fit. I got these right after I lost all the weight and I was a good 10 pounds lighter (I got good and skinny there for a couple months, but it didn’t stick. I like cake.)

Feb 23

But over all I think it works. I didn’t really see any snow, I counted 3 flakes. But it is really cold for Dallas, 30 something. And I am still refusing to wear a coat. I mean, I leave the house, take a few pictures, get into a car with heated sets, go into a heated office and then get back into the car with heated seats. It’s not like I’m exposed to the elements all that much…and I didn’t have a coat that matched.

Feb 23

I had all these exciting PLANS last week, and this week I’ve got nothing. And I am super over the Olympics. I could not be more bored. I thought I was going to enjoy ice dancing but it was worse than ski jumping, or bobsled or whatever sport it was we watched where they threw themselves down a very slick runway. I am just not a sports girl. I am enjoying the time to read my “Spike” comic omnibus though, so at least there is that!

Feb 23

This outfit was also built around a piece of the jewelry Mikal brought over.

Feb 23

I have big plans to wear that with a grey v-neck tee and jeans, but I couldn’t wait, so I spent quite a bit of time trying to put together something that it would look good with that would also be appropriate for this week at work.

Jacket, Forever XXI
Blouse and pants, Target
Boots, Payless
Necklace, Vintage, gift from Mikal
Bag, Reby C at Etsy


Jane W. said...

I love how you've styled that necklace! And I like cake too.

futurelint said...

I think the necklace is perfect with the top! Still work friendly, but also kinda edgy-cool-boho, if that makes sense! I agree, go cake!

Connie said...

That necklace is stunning! You pulled it together very nicely!

Sabrina said...

I love how you "dress it up" but still maintained YOU. The necklace is so great.

Oranges And Apples said...

I think this is great. very professional, yet with a twist.

EvaNadine said...

its quite strange to see you in pants! i really am so used to seeing you in dresses and leggings.
i probably wouldnt have noticed the fit of these pants if you hadnt pointed it out, but overall, i really like the look. that top is gorgeous, and i might just have to see if i can find it for myself!

seriously, if you ever make it to the DC area, you need to come shopping with me and pick out awesome things for me to wear. :)

Sal said...

What a marvelous work-friendly look. And still has that Erin pizazz!

Linda said...

It's funny because you said allllll that and all I can think of now is "Man I could go for some vanilla cake...mmmm cake".


Emily Kennedy said...

The pants look great on you! Especially with the shoes.

Dolly Daydream aka Jasmine said...

That necklace looks really great with your outfit!

From Dolly

V said...

Your legs are like a miiiiiiillllleeee long! Super cute!

WendyB said...

I've always hated the word "slacks." But these pants look very nice on you!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Girl, I know the feeling of not wanting to wear a coat but I am that girl that atleast puts the coat in the car. I could get into an accident on the way to work, or I might have to extract a body out of a bayou or I might have a flat and have to change on the freeway...all cases in which I need that coat!

I'm also that person that keeps a flashlight/pillow/blanket and a gallon of water in the trunk...you never know!

Love that blouse! I hate wearing dress pants too...it's very rare that I do.

Chelsea said...

I am over the Olympics too! Ice dancing is bogus... I mean it's like figure skating but without the exciting parts! And it's not like ballroom dancing is an Olympic sport... so I just don't get it. And if I have to see another ski jump I'm gonna... probably change the channel. I can't tell how anyone is doing any better than anyone else... it all looks the same! Phew... guess I had a lot of pent up annoyance on that issue :)

Anyway, I loooove this outfit. The slacks look great on you... I love their shape... and those booties are adorable! The blouse and necklace work so well together, kinda a faux-pattern mix, yeah? And then that jacket is amazing. I luuuuurve it.

overcaffeinated said...

I love this outfit. It's chic and professional, yet it's not at all generic and shows off your unique style.

hillary said...

I think this outfit is great and it might have everything to do with I think I have worn it in different colors when I am being officey too. I highly dislike how I look in pants but mine stems from being short and thinking they make me look even shorter.

Yan said...

Seriously? Payless? I must go find one and try on those boots. I'm a pants-wearing woman at heart, and those look fabulous with the pants. Also, cute blouse.

Clare said...

DAAAMMNNNN, you look awesome in dress pants! I love everything about this, but the necklace really pulls it together!

Leah said...

that necklace is beautiful!! & i completely understand your dislike of the olympics. i do not understand at all the fascination with the winter olympics - they're very boring to me. i like the summer olympics because there's way more variety & there's not snow everywhere! haha

& thanks for the jewelry website suggestions earlier. i hadn't heard of jewelrysupply.com & they seem pretty reasonable. haven't found anything like those feathers, though.

Prefecta said...

Hi, I just found your blog and really like what I see! It's good to see that someone else has a real winter as well and how you deal with it clothingwise.

Hope to meet you in my blog sometime!

xoxo, Prefecta

ANA said...

Love it! This is a great way to deal with work pants. I still covet your boots :o)