Thursday, February 25, 2010

So Sing, While You Have Time

I’m not super impressed with this outfit. If it weren’t for the pin, I think I might hate it, which is strange, because I love the cardigan, blouse and skirt together in Spring and Summer, I just wear different shoes. Snakeskin pumps. And I think they really add some pizazz to an otherwise quiet look. These boots do not. I really wanted to wear the pin though, and I struggled to come up with one more conservative look to get to me casual Friday.*

Feb 25

I just love that pin. I went back and forth over this one and a cream colored one just like it. There was also a spiral shell on a stick pin that would have looked really great with this, but you know how it is…I wanted to be gracious and not take EVERYTHING that I thought was cool. So I choose this one. It’s so pretty!

Feb 25

The fabric of the cardigan is very, very thin, and in order for a pin to sit right on it and for me to feel it was secure enough not to damage the fabric, I cut a small piece of fabric (I used denim since it is quite sturdy) into an oval and used it as a backing on the inside of the cardigan. It worked really well. The pin is sitting nicely instead of drooping and it is not pulling the fabric the way it did when I tried just putting it on the cardigan.

Feb 25

I have big plans to wear my favorite piece of the bunch tomorrow. It needed some super glue but it's all better now.

I have to tell you, I have not seen a single one of these mythological creatures known as “VPs”. My office mate says she saw a couple yesterday, but I must have missed it.

*I’m having a “fat week”. It’s bad. It’s biological and not my fault, but my self esteem is really struggling with it. It makes getting dressed a little less fun.

Cardigan, Alternative
Blouse and Skirt, Target
Boots, Arturo Chiang
Bag, Nordstrom Rack
Pin, vintage, gift from Mikal


EvaNadine said...

you may not be feeling quite up to par, but you look gorgeous, as always. the pin is super-cute!

Emily Kennedy said...

Great idea about the pin backing! Thanks for posting about it!

Sal said...

What a brilliant idea to keep a brooch secure! And, for what it's worth, I think this is a smashing ensemble - black boots and all.

Oranges And Apples said...

yeah, the pin backing is brilliant. i have lots of heavy pins that always droop.

Hope you feel more 'you' soon - you look great anyway!

Linda said...

I love the pin, the shirt, the cardi, the hair, the bag, and of course you. I know exactly how you feel about the "fat week" thing, but for some reason today I feel like I look thinner...must be the outfit. When that dress didn't fit me yesterday, the saddness was unbearable. I know exactly what its like, I hear ya!

Jane W. said...

Way it make it through the week of VPs, and thanks for the pin back advice.

what i would have worn... said...

Man I hate fat weeks! The stupidest part is being depressed about feeling fat makes me eat chocolate. The logic!
This pin is beautiful. You are very lucky. Plus the weather’s looking a little better over there.

Ps I saw the most hilarious show on MTV the other day called “Dallas Divas and Daughters,” have you seen it? It was supposed to be a reality show about rich girls in Dallas but I can’t believe anyone is really so scary or ghastly in real life…are there really (vacuous, collagen-filled, comically bitchy ) people like that in Dallas?

Erin said...

You may be having a "fat" week but you look uber cute and teensy. I just love how that top seems to float down. Random question: how tall are you? You look itty bitty, but it's not like the bushes in your backgrounds give us a good measurement. (says another moderately petite blogger)

K said...

Ok, the way those flowers are just so bright and beautiful in the makes me long for sunlight. It was snowing while I was driving to work this morning! Anyway, you look fabulous, and I love those boots (I own them too!) I just got the calves stretched and I can't wait to wear them. I hope you have a good weekend!

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Thanks for the clever tip on pinning things on delicate material!

You look great! And I definitely know about the whole "fat week", I'm having a fat decade! But I am still willing to shake my jelly if need be:)

Kasmira said...

Love the pin trick!

I'm having a fat week too. Blech. Misery loves company?

WendyB said...

Brooches do make me nervous for my clothes. My late business partner in the jewelry biz used to have particular "brooch jackets" that she'd confine her pins at least she knew what condition everything would be in.

Clare said...

Well, I hope you warmed up to this outfit, because it's truly beautiful!

RETRO REVA said...

I love the cool idea for adding x-tra fabric to make a pin or brooch hang well. I will be using that one ! I believe we all go through times when we feel out-of-whack. i call mine the "uglies" and no matter what i wear or what anyone says to the contrary , i just feel ugly . My creativity seems to disappear during those times, too. It seems that this Februrary is x-tra long and dark , and i feel the need for Spring and some sunshine ! Thanks for your honesty . It makes me feel less awkward and nutty when i know I'm not the only one who gets down on myself sometimes . Thanks !

Kayla said...

I'm also in the middle of a ' fat week', and there is nothing that can take the motivation right out of getting dressed so fast! I do love that pin though!

P.S. I left you a little something over at my blog!:)