Monday, February 22, 2010

There's So Few Things Between The Rent and Me

I had a GREAT birthday. I slept in, and then Nathan got me a McDonald’s breakfast of hotcakes and hash browns. Yum. I laid in bed until mid-morning and watched Buffy DVDs*. I didn’t even bother to get dressed until 11:30 or so. Then I showered and got dressed and we went up to the mall to grab lunch. I had a ham and 3 cheese and tomato Panini. Yum, again. I wanted to wear something comfortable and easy to shop in**, so I went with this…

Feb 19th

That’s my “birthday dress”. It’s actually 4 dresses, because it’s reversible, and it can be worn with or without a belt. Here is the other pattern…

Feb 19th

Genius, right? It would be great for packing on vacation as it is not wrinkle prone and if you pack a belt and 2 pairs of shoes, you’ve got 4 looks!

Feb 19th

I ended up with a couple tees from Forever XXI, a couple glosses from MAC and a bag and flats from Nordstrom Rack. I can’t even believe how perfect the bag is. I have been doing a lot of internet shopping for bags leading up to my birthday, trying to find the right bag at the right price. I wanted:

Black leather
Long strap
Bucket shape

I didn’t really find anything. I had given up and was just looking for black leather with an urban feel. But then we went to Nordstrom Rack. First of all, they had at least 10 bags that fit my bill. Black leather, large-ish, Urban. But then, THEN I found this:

Feb 22

I’ll get you a better peek at the strap later, but look at that. Black leather, bucket shape, studding (cones AND round!), and the strap is a long strap that can be worn cross body. AND it was the cheapest of the lot. $98 bucks. I had money left over for black leather flats! It was a birthday miracle.

After that we met friends for a casual come and go at the pub. Then Saturday night we got all dressed up and had dinner out at a fancy place*** and our friends picked up the tab. Another birthday miracle. Yesterday a girlfriend who couldn’t make it Friday (due to a slumber party full of eight year old boys at hers, bless) came over and we watched Cure DVDS and talked. It was a great weekend and a lovely birthday.

*The initial plan had been to get up and go see the first showing of “Valentine’s Day” but you know what? Entertainment Weekly gave it an “F”. An “F”! So I decided to lie in and watch Buffy instead, because Buffy always gets an “A”.

** yep, still on a ban, but birthday money given to you specifically for shopping gets spent on your birthday if that’s what you want to do!

*** Tillman’s Roadhouse. I had the salmon cooked in lavender and local honey with asparagus and mushroom rice. And goat cheese tater tots. Yes, tater tots. With goat cheese. They were crazy good. And fried bread and butter pickles and tableside homemade smores. And a ginger lemon drop martini. Or two.

Jacket, Bona Drag, customized by me
Dress, Target
Tights, Target
Boots, Steve Madden
Bag, Etsy
Isabella Wolf Fang Necklace, Wendy Brandes


Alison said...

Such a great bag. I love the studs and urban feel. I also love your dress, did you get it recently? Genius on the versatility. Sounds like such a wonderful birthday!

EvaNadine said...

goat. cheese. tater. tots. ??
ohmigosh, i think i just had a foodgasm.

Sal said...

That bag is ASTONISHING! What a fantastic find. You totally deserve it, birthday girl.

myedit said...

Your birthday sounded like it was all kinds of perfect... that amzing bag is the cherry on top! Ah! So beautiful!

Becky said...

What a great find that bag is!And I can DEAL on some fried pickles. Yum yum!

Goober said...

Happy Birthday (a little late) - sounds like you had a great day and you looked fabulous!

Alannah said...

Wow, that dinner sounds so amazing. Yay for you!

Is that dress a recent Target purchase? It's adorable.

I really love the bag & it looks quite different from anything else you have. Awesomeness!

Sounds like a fantastic birthday--I'm so glad you enjoyed it!


Kelly said...

Great bag - I love the arrangements of the studs.

I saw Valentine's Day. I don't know if it's worth an F, but it's definitely a rental and not a see-it-in-the-theater!

Sher said...

Happy Birthday!! Glad the weekend went perfect :)

Emily Kennedy said...

Nom nom nom! To goat cheese tater tots, McDonalds breakfast, new bags, and Buffy. Nom to it all!

Clare said...

That sounds like a perfectly wonderful birthday, from start to finish. And what a FIND with that bag!!

what i would have worn... said...


Ooh, your bag is just fabulous! And the dress is amazing. So clever!
All this talk of yummy food has made me hungry…

The Small Fabric Of My Life said...

Happy Birthday - are you a Pisces like me (Feb 19).

futurelint said...

Both your etsy purse and your birthday purse are awesome! Happy birthday, it sounds like a fun day!

WendyB said...

Buffy? Sounds like a great day to me!

Leah Harrison said...

Love this look and the bag is perfect! I have also been looking for one like that because my black, studded bag that I thought was perfect turned out to be crap :( The strap continually falls off my shoulder! It's almost broken my camera a few times.

Anyways, I love that leather (faux leather?) jacket you're wearing in this outfit. I have one that is nearly identical but it's too baggy in the armpit area! Weird. I don't know if I should keep it or toss it...

natalia said...

Holy sweetass bag Batman! I'm not a huge studs person, but the blunted-cone studs and the sparse, constellation-y layout are just perfect. And the shape is great -- you don't see bucket bags that often, particularly nice ones.

I also agree with your observance of Birthday Law, i.e., if you get birthday money and you wanna blow it on something shiny, that's your right. (That's only one facet of Birthday Law,'s serious business.)

Also, Whedon ftw.
nat (

Anonymous said...


and not just because that's where i got engaged.

have you tried the chipotle ribs? ohmygod. i know, ribs right? not really my thing either but they are so freakin' tasty and they come on a bed of the most delicious mac and cheese. mmmmmmm.

and the 3 kinds of fries appetizer? amazing!

and the birthday cake with the plastic figures on it?

and the tableside s'mores?!?! &dues&

Tina said...

Sorry I missed your birthday. I've been sick as a dog for over a week and I just haven't been online much. Happy belated Birthday!