Wednesday, December 29, 2010

And You Don't Give a Further Thought

I’m big on sweater coats right now. Since I live in Dallas and it never REALLY gets all that cold, I can wear them pretty much all winter long as long as I use a layering cardigan to block the wind. I find them to be quite cozy and warm. Nathan got me a couple for Christmas including this wonderfully happy number.

December 27

It’s not colors I’d normally choose but I’ve already found a few pieces I can wear it with. It so soft and stretchy and wonderful.

December 27

I got lots of compliments on it as well. My co-workers almost all commented on how pretty it is.

December 27

One of my goals for this next year is to be more aware when another blog has influenced an outfit or styling choice and document that more. I felt a little like I was channeling one of my new favorite bloggers in this outfit! Louise from Coffee and Cardigan. If you’re not reading her, I’d suggest you give her a try. She’s fresh, and real and honest and her eye for style is impeccable.

December 27

It’s not really showing up in pictures, but Nathan also got me a piece from my favorite Etsy seller, Moon Raven Designs. A tiny little solid gold hummingbird skull. It’s so delicate and pretty. It was a surprise gift and I was really impressed.

(photo from Moon Raven Designs)
solid gold Hummingbird skull

I've worn it non-stop.

Sweater coat, Forever XXI (Christmas gift from Nathan)
Layering Cardigan, American Apparel (Christmas gift from Nathan)
Dress, Target
Tights, Target
Boots, Docs
Foks, celapiu at Etsy
Bag, L.A.M.B


Danielle said...

The sweater is gorgeous and your scarf is absolutly adorable.

Alannah said...

I tried on like 3 sweater coat type things at Kohl's last night because I really wanted to find something like this one but they didn't have anything near that cute (does it have a hood?). I might have to seek that out at F21 if they still have them!

I already wrote on your Flickr, but I am in love with that first picture of you! Such a great outfit, so full of personality. Love it~!

archives said...

i SO love your faux-fox scarf!!!! adorable!

i've actually been eying a necklace over at moon raven, im so happy to hear you like yours!!!

Kasmira said...

I especially love it with the "fox stole!"

Linda said...

Louise is great isn't she? So unique and bold - and always looks great.
Nathan did a great job with the sweater. I like that he choose something out of your color comfort zone. He pushed you to try something new and it was a success!
The Auspicious Life

La Historiadora de Moda said...

That sweater coat is beautiful! Nathan has great taste! :)

I'm off to check out Louise's blog right now.

DaniellaBella said...

I love how cozy and amazing you look! The colours are perfect for this dress. As well as Louise, this dress and knit combo sort of reminds me of Krisatomic.
I think it's a great idea to document where inspiration comes from... in fact yesterday I felt like you because you always rock the black skinny jeans and it was my very first try! ( )

Rad_in_Broolyn said...

That outfit is so cozy, colorful, and you look warm and super stylish. No wonder your coworkers loved it.
Thanks for the blog rec. I'm off to check it out.

Louise said...

Gosh, thanks for the mention! I LOVE that outfit! You made a potentially dated sweater into something fresh and beautiful-- you have really great taste. For serious.

Christy said...

Tee hee that fox stole is so clever!

Anonymous said...

The sweater coat looks really cozy and I love the stripeyness of it. My mom has a vintage sweater coat that I keep hoping she'll hand off to me...
Love the dress underneath too. Fashion win!

myedit said...

Please tell Santa/ Nathan I have been good this year... Will his sled reach Hamilton?
I am still in love with that clever scarf!

Brittney said...

that's a beautiful sweater! i love the length and the stripe proportions and color. i think you're going to get a lot of mileage out of that piece.
p.s. i added you to my blog-roll over at i hope that's okay? i think your style is super fun.

Bobbie said...

Beautiful, stylish and cozy sweater!

WendyB said...

That scarf is toooo cute.

Lovers, Saints & Sailors said...

That's a really pretty outfit. I love the cardigan with the dress.

Kristen said...

I LOVE that sweater coat on you! It may not be colors you would have selected yourself, but it goes with everything you have. Nathan knows you very well!

Kyla said...

I love your idea of acknowledging those who inspire your style! I always get so lazy about it and just say something came from my inspiration folder or another blogger. I need to be more diligent about naming names. Happy New Year!

Elissa said...

What a pretty outfit! I love how the skirt kind of pokes out of the sweater coat. It's feminine and texturally interesting. Those boots are the perfect contrast. Fabulous, as always!

wardrobeexperience said...

happy new year! love your long-cardi-outfit... and i adore your holy-night-look too!
you're such a great inspiration to me! thanks!
: )

Future Lint said...

What a cute cozy sweater and I'll never get over that knitted fox! Aww, a perfect gift from the hubby!