Tuesday, December 21, 2010

We’re Not Happy Til We’re Running Away

December 21

Today I did better at dealing with the weirded out Texas weather. I took an outfit I knew I loved for cool weather and simply switched out the sweater coat and cardigan I wore with it last time and replaced it with something more friendly for a day when the temps are meant to get up into the 80’s. (The 80's! I can’t even.)

December 21

But it totally worked and I’m totally feeling this outfit. I am aiming for a luxe-comfy vibe a lot this winter and I think this outfit really nails it for me.

December 21

Those boots were a great investment. I knew when I was looking for them that I had a lot of ideas about how to wear them but I had no idea of the levels I would take it too. I’m obsessed. I wear them 6 days out of every 7. I wear them with dresses and denim skirts and leggings and tights and leg warmers and jeans and pants and EVERYTHING. They are so amazingly comfy and versatile. I’ve had them for less than 2 months and they already need a polish. I wear them that much.

December 21
Surprise! Puppy! The best kind!

And now, a serious question.
I need a laptop. I’ve needed one for at least 2 years, but what with the extended unemployment we made due with a netbook. I can’t edit pictures on it. And the screen is so small blog-surfing is sort of annoying as well. So I need to get a laptop, but I’m getting one for just me. Nathan and I have always shared a laptop. So this is a new thing for me. And since I will be doing a lot of picture editing I’m thinking about getting a MacBook. I’ve never had a Mac before. What do you guys think? Do lots of bloggers use and love Macbooks? Or should I stick with what I know and get another PC?

Cardigan, Target
Blouse/Tank, Banana Republic (ahahaha, it was obviously on sale you guys)
Skirt, Target
Tights, Target
Boots, Doc Martins
Bag, L.A.M.B.
Cross necklace, Grandmama Bea
Bag Charms, Tokodoki and Kid Robot (mostly gifts from Alannah)


Alannah said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE this look. The blouse is so soft and pretty--that pattern is beautiful!

I also really love that sweater on you. Only on you, though--I tried it on and it was really blah on me. But it's fabulous on you!

Have you worn that necklace before? It looks great on you!

Two big thumbs up - I love it all!

Fashion Flirt said...

First, comfy-luxe is EXACTLY what this outfit embodies. I love love love it. You look fantastic!

Re: laptop. I use a MacBook. I've been a Mac Addict since 1990 (my whole family, really), and I haven't owned another kind of computer ever. This is my third Apple laptop (I used a Powerbook from 1998-2003, a G3 Desktop from 2002-2005, a MacMini for 6 months before I gave it to my Dad, an iBook from 2004-2009 and I've been using this MacBook for about a year and a half), my next computer will be a Mac, and the one after that, etc.

That being said, it is really important that you purchase within your comfort zone. Macs are easy to learn how to use, and they're pretty computers, but if you're used to PCs, are comfortable with a PC, go for a PC. The other benefit is that Macs tend to run on the slightly more expensive side, whereas you can get a perfectly reasonable PC for less than $300.00. You might need to replace it fairly quickly (FYI, I still use ALL my Mac laptops (not the desktop, because I don't have a screen) from time to time - and they still work really well). Anyways. For photo editing, video editing, music editing, etc, Macs are totally the way to go, by the way.

Those are my $0.02!

interrobangsanon said...

Ah, I was just waxing poetic about my old Docs a few days ago! I'm a traditional girl who likes the flatter, clunky soles, but those are absolutely fantastic! Well done, getting something you really love.

Keely said...

I LOVE my iMac! I've used both Mac and PC over the years. Mac wins hands down!

hillary said...

I own an use both a Mac and a pcnetbook and I edit photos in photoshop on my netbook. (I also edit photos on my iphone in photoshop if i am too lazy to turn on the computer)

I love my mac a lot but they are very expensive. If you aren't using it for heavy graphics or video editing I would say save a ton of money and get a PC. You can get one for 1/5 the price that is just as fast and powerful.

You can get a tablet pc too. My husbands you can flip the screen over and draw on it and it was a good $500 less than my mac.

Linda said...

A Mac is a whole other world. I love my mac, but you really have to know how to use them in order to not eff everything up all the time. You can get the proper software for a pc or a mac to photo edit. I recommend a backup hard drive for either mac or pc...I've heard horror stories.
LIke I said, I use a mac, but I use a PC at work and if you are a pc user, stick to what you know, unless you get into heavy graphic work.

Katie said...

Love this! Those boots are amazing - I can totally see why you wear them so often. Am I the only person who didn't know Doc Martins makes boots with heels? I honestly had no idea!

Franca said...

love your outfit.

I've often asked myself the same question re macs too, and I will prob need to get a new laptop in the next year, because my current one keeps crashing and I'm fully prepared that one day it will just not turn on.

The advice I've been getting from people that know more about this than me is that unless you want to do tons of graphics stuff, it's not worth the extra cost for a mac. You can get a pretty top of the range laptop and still come in well under what a bog standard macbook would cost.

But then I've never used a mac, so I don't know.

WendyB said...

Never put a dog in an outfit post if you want me to look at the outfit!

The Bagboy said...

One thing you'd need to bear in mind (and it's a minor thing, but still) is that your iPod touch and iPhone would still have to be synced to Nathan's computer. You could sync it with a Mac, but it would erase everything on your phone/iPod.

Chalkdust and Boots said...

I love this outfit on you - you look so good!

I'm a Mac user and I will be one for life, but I'm also gonna join the chorus of "buy what you know" if you think sticking with a PC will be way easier than switching to Mac. However, just to play Devil's advocate, I did the switch a few years ago, and it was easy as anything, but then again, I don't do that much fancy stuff on my computer. Hmmm ... this wasn't very helpful, was it?

Beth Ellen said...

I love this outfit! The colors are just fantastic!

To weigh in on the computer issues I just recently switched from a PC to a Mac. I needed to do this for work as I do an overload of data processing and a PC just wasn't cutting it for me. I love my mac now, but it did take me a little while to learn it's idiosyncrasies, but when you have 20 excel windows open at once and your graphing in all of them it's great! Oh, for photos well, I like it, but I liked my PC for that as well... for the most part Photoshop is Photoshop.

Kelly said...

I bought a Macbook last year. I like it, but to be honest I'm not sure it was really worth all the extra cost. I hear Macs run forever, but I do still have a PC laptop (gateway) that is still chugging along nicely after about 5 years. So my Macbook would probably have to last like 10 years for me to justify it. But seriously? In 10 years we will all be flying spaceships and it will be old technology by then.

Basically, I like my Mac a lot, but I kinda wish I had went with a PC just because of the price difference.

BUT I do not agree with The Bagboy - my ipod used to be synched to my PC, but when I got a Mac I started synching it to that instead. You may have to read around and fiddle with your settings a little (my boyfriend did it for me so I don't know the details), but there is no need to erase your whole ipod just to start synching to a different machine.

DaniellaBella said...

I love this look. Cozy and charming with the edgy lady-ness! I love Macs. I think they're easy to use, never get viruses and would look really cute with your outfit!

siouxsiel said...

Love the lacy skirt. Must get one (another one). Boots are fantastic.

As for computers, I use only a pc. Better bang for your buck. I don't quite get what is so much better about Macs for photo editing. But maybe it is better that I not know.

katharinamaria said...

If you decide to buy a Macbook, make sure you go for the "pro" version although it is more expensive as it's likely to last a lot longer than the average white one. And using Bootcamp, you can still install Windows on it and just enjoy the design.

(Yay! Finally, I can spread nerdy comments at fashion blogs!)


Kristen said...

I was about to leave the same comment as Alannah; I love that sweater on you, and can't believe you work it so well! I tried the same style at Target and was disappointed.

I switched to Mac last Christmas and haven't regretted it. The iPhoto software is perfect for blogging, and it loads photos so easily to Flickr or Facebook, it is totally worth the cost.

RubyAlison said...

I love the boots. I was thinking ooh I should try and get those and was really surprised when I saw they are Docs. I used to wear Docs all the time, but I always think of them as the old school 1460 style with the yellow stitching. Do these have any arch support?

You look fabulous by the way. Happy Holidays!

tinyjunco said...

i love your 'luxe-comfy' idea. and you pull it off perfectly in this outfit!

i've used macs adn pcs - macs are better for doing tons of graphic stuff, and imo are easier to use/better designed than pcs.

my bro and my mom both have macbooks and love them - bro does a lot of photo editing and love his mac for that.

pcs crash and have conflicts so much, it's just a big pain. but they are cheaper. also, imo, going pc to mac is just about the same learning curve as upgrading your pc platform. anyways, fwiw.

Good Luck!!! steph

Kristin said...

i absolutely COVET those boots!

i lived in Docs when i was in (parochial) school and didn't cost a car payment. i miss them... sniff.

Eileen said...

Like everyone, I love and want that sweater. COZY.

I've been using various macbooks for years, and I love them. At this point, even though I grew up on PCs (I'm 33, and have been doing comp stuff since age 6), I find macs to be intuitive appliances. It might take some getting used to, but you can do it!

If you're in the market for one of the more recent macbooks (read: pricier, although the price did drop recently, so it could be worse), the air is great--it has a solid state hard drive, which essentially means there aren't any moving parts to potentially break. It also means that your computer Never Ever does that scratchy "I'm waking up now" drive accessing noise when you open it!

I find image/design stuff to be just fine on a mac. It can be irritating to try to install Gimpshop, as it requires a bit of outside installs/etc. If you use things like photoshop or picnik instead, you should be fine.

wardrobeexperience said...

beautiful outfit. very charming! i adore those docs!

choose a macbook. i didn't bought one this year because of my office. if they would use mac there i would have bougth one.
i got an hp laptop and i really love it - but i would have prefered an apple-thing.

merry christmas!!


Jilliebeanie said...

I have a MacBook, though I am mostly used to a PC...my husband is a Mac guy and helps me out when I get stuck. There's is definitely a learning curve, but if you're up to it, I think a Mac is always the better choice.

I'm only using the basic iphoto for editing right now and make do just fine, though I will likely invest in photoshop in the future...just because it's the thing to do.

Good luck! Great outfit!