Tuesday, December 28, 2010

Thou Shalt Not Judge Lethal Weapon By Danny Glover

These are from December 23. I had the day off, but Nathan did not, and the plan was to spend all day in bed, reading, watching Vampire Diaries and just being a lazy bones. But then I realized that there was a 4 days weekend coming up, and we had no groceries. So I had to drag my behind out of my warm bed, into the cold uncaring wasteland of Kroger.

December 23

It was so crowded that I had to park at a neighboring gas station. I did not expect that, it was kind of crazy. And the grocery store itself was so crowded it was hard to get around!

December 23

I concentrated on really nice sandwich fixins’. I got some Boars Head turkey (I am super duper brand loyal when it comes to turkey. Always Boars Head. It’s just better.), hoagie rolls and Hawaiian buns, some guacamole and ranch dressing to make avocado ranch sandwich spread (1 part guacamole to 1 part ranch dressing. So so good), buffalo sauce, green apples, Havarti, Munster and Gruyere cheeses and we already had honey mustard. If you are not a sandwich lover I’m sure you are not impressed, but a sandwich lover will recognize that as a wonderful set of sandwich possibilities! My favorite combo was hoagie roll, avocado ranch, buffalo sauce and gruyere, served hot. SO YUMMY.

December 23

Nathan has had it with the sweatpants and says I need to find some jeans I like and can wear around the house* ASAP. Wish me luck. I am not sure I can think of a worse fate. I hate jeans shopping. I have made a deal with him that I will try on jeans every day until I find some. Hopefully that’s soon.

December 23

*I have some dark wash jeans I will wear out. But with our little sheddy dog, I prefer not to wear them around the house since I would have to lint roll them every five minutes.

Tees, Spice Girls Reunion Tour
Jacket, high school. Is it vintage yet?
Sweats, Target
Bag, Sondra Roberts
Boots, Docs
New Glasses, Ray Bans


Melissa said...

Ah, forget jeans! You've made sweats look cool here!

That avocado ranch sounds AWESOME. And now I'm starving.

Anonymous said...

Jeans are so hard! I just ordered 5 pairs from Madewell yesterday with the hope that one will fit.

I kind of agree with your man - lounging just feels classier to me when I'm not wearing sweats or pajamas.

The Suburb Experiment said...

I'm a)very jealous of your t-shirt and b)assuming that you actually went to their reunion tour which makes me even jealous-er.

I think you look cute in the sweats but good luck with the jean hunt!

Alison said...

Pajama Jeans!!! hehe!!

I love your leather jacket. Jeans just aren't as comfy as the sweats, but hopefully you can find a pair that are comfy and cute. It's not an easy quest, but worth it. Are you checking out the thrift stores since they'll be lounge jeans? At least they would be broken in already.

Keely said...

Jeans are tough! Try Jeggings. So comfy you'll think you're in sweats. But you already know that don't you?

BTW thanks for weighing in on the new year's outfits!

K said...

I just wanted to stop by and take a moment to appreciate Boar's Head with you :) When I first moved up north none of the grocery stores around me stocked Boar's head, and I have to admit I might have shed a few tears over it. Now the local Safeway has started stocking it, so my world can start spinning again. (Also-I love the boots with the sweats).

Sally said...

Personally I dig the sweats and wish I could rock 'em like you do. Also I'm loving the new glasses, so cute!

Pam @ over50feeling40 said...

Just discovered your blog and I really like it!! I will add you to my blog list..hope you can visit mine sometime.

April said...

YES i have that exact teeshirt...LOVE forever <3 spice girls :)

love how you're rockin' the sweats and making them look super chic

Louise said...

Okay, honestly? I am completely envious of the amazing way you put together outfits. On anyone else, those sweats would look sloppy- you make them look fabulous. ACK! I LOVE IT.

WendyB said...

Loving the sweats!

Katie said...

I LOVE THESE SWEATS! And I am so not a sweats girl! I need some!

It is so hard to shop for jeans, isn't it? I have a ton of them but none that I love EVERY single piece about... My most favorite though is a pair from Not Your Daughter's Jeans. They have SO much stretch so they're super comfortable. :)

This entire outfit just screams badass. I love it.

And your sandwich talk is making me salivate! That's what I get for being lazy and having cereal for dinner. Ha ha.

Linda said...

Jeans shopping is the worst. Just keep putting it off as long as he will let you!
I'm jealous of your sandwiches, by the way. There is little as good for lunch as a filled to the brim homemade sandwich.

The Auspicious Life

Erin said...

Hey Sugar! Why don't you get some quasi yoga pants? With elastic waists (as opposed to drawstring waists like pajamas) they look a bit more pulled together than sweats, but they're just as comfy! Both of these are from Target:
Merona brand-
and my favorite brand - Gilligan and O'Malley (find them in the sleepwear section)-

Savonne said...

I love this entire outfit. It's bad girl chic.

Kyla said...

Sorry to Nathan, but I LOVE these pants! I love how you make them sooo supermarket appropriate. This is really just awesome!