Monday, December 6, 2010

What’s The Point In Living If You Don’t Want To Dance?

Let’s be real for a minute. Sometimes I am pretty casual. I mean, really, really casual. Like this:

December 4

Sometimes I leave the house like that. I went to brunch and the grocery store like that and I am going to be honest, I felt pretty cute even though I was wearing sweatpants.

December 4

How casual is too casual for you? I think for me, it’s PJs and no make-up. I will swipe on a little gloss and mascara and change into jeans and a tee for so much as a drive thru run. I don’t ever want to leave the house in anything less than I would be comfortable in should I end up at the hospital or police station. You know?

December 4

And I’d wear this outfit again. I know some of you will disagree that it is OK to wander around the city in sweatpants, well, EVER. But I felt good. I kind of love those sweatpants. You can’t tell in the Sperry Top-Sider boots (which, oh my goodness, LOVE. Thanks again to both Clare and Sperry Top-Sider) but they are cropped and have a wide band so they hit mid-calf. With a pair of heeled lace up boots and an oversized cardi, they look very Cheryl Cole. Which is an excellent thing in my book. Granted they look a little less chic here but I can be forgiven for wanting to test drive those boots, I think. And they were great. I wore them all day. When I first put them on I was a wee concerned because the leather felt a bit tight (I ordered a 6 and a half. I wear a six in shoes, but I always size up a half size for boots to make room for comfy socks) but after a while, the leather warmed and stretched and molded to my feet. They were super comfortable and I can’t wait to find all sorts of ways to style them! (I am already planning to wear them with black tights, cut offs and a tee, that will be SUCH a cute look.)

Sweater and pants, Target
Tee, vintage
Boots, giveaway from Between Laundry Days and Sperry Top-Sider


Alannah said...

Ahhh that sweater is so Harry Potter to me. Adorable! I wish I could see the pants better but I love those boots on you.

Sweatpants or no, I agree it's very CC and therefore A++!

Erin said...

I think you look gorgeous, doll. For me, it's all about the fit and style of something - not what material it's made of. And of course, that it's not covered in dirt and/or holes (unless the holes are purposeful).

Sal said...

I am thrilled that you won Clare's giveaway! Woo hoo! And this is such a fun and funky casual look.

Sheila said...

I love that you're wearing an Iron Maiden tee!

Although I wouldn't go out in sweatpants (I don't even own a pair!), you do look really cute. There's a point, though, when cute becomes crazy...gotta watch out for that!

On the weekends, I go without make-up unless I'm going somewhere public (and even then, it's minimal). I also wear my jeans and my casual uniform (long-sleeved tee with some graphic tee overtop of it).

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

I love this look and I need those boots! I am determined to get some lace up flat boots. I think I almost got those sweat pants from Target too. They were made by Converse?

I think I like the whole ensemble alot. And I am very into rocking sweats that "have some style" to them with heels or boots.

I'm wearing my Target harem sweats as I type:)

And, I've researched Cheryl Cole's style....LOVE!!!

Lauren said...

I've been a quiet reader for some time but I have to say this look is freaking awesome!

WendyB said...

Those boots are awesome!

tallgirlblogging said...

Phew - it's not just me. Sweatpants have a place in my wardrobe. For sure!

HollyElise said...

I love this outfit! Who knew sweatpants could be so awesome with boots?
My rule of thumb as far as leaving the house goes something like, "Would you want [ex-bf] to see you like this?"
Because you always want to look great if you see an ex.
I know it's silly, especially because I now live in a *different country* and neither of my exs are anywhere near me - but there you go :)

RETRO REVA said...

I like this!
Sweatpants done right ;)
No matching sweatshirt makes them fun and love the sweater/rock t/boots combo!!!
All the cool chicks are rockin the sweats!
My Mom always adds "clean underwear" to the list of what if I go to the hospital or get arrested scenario ;)

DaniellaBella said...

I'm generally against sweatpants because I feel schlumpy in them. However I never thought to do this with them so... Sweatpants have take a turn for the better! You won the boots! Yay! Such a great giveaway!

SiouxsieL said...

I can't do sweatpants. My casual is leggings with a tee shirt dress. Love your sweater in this pic.

Jodie said...

Yeah I agree pjs are too casual for me to go outside in (although I'll happily go into my proch in them to pay the milkman, or pick up post), even though I think I look cuter in long trouser, plaid pjs than I do dressed to the nines. Unless there is some kind of emergency/extreme deadline I will never leave the house without concealer on. I've done it a few times and I felt awfully dirty, the same way I feel if my hair isn't clean.

I wouldn't wear sweats (jogging bottoms I call them in the UK) if I were meeting someone and we weren't going to do some kind of sporty activity, or if I were going clothes shopping, but to pop to the corner shop, or library I totally would (another dress down item I think I look cuter in than all glammed). However I do think the boots/sweats combo is super cute for day other places (especially high heeled doc martins or rocket dog trainers would look great with them - I was totally thinking Cheryl Cole when I saw you'd paired them with boots). You just can't wear them in the Mids, UK because you'll be surrounded by people wearing sweats without even a hint of glamour and your sweats will lose their glamour by association.

Future Lint said...

I think it works because it's super casual but still stylish. You're wearing things that match and are clean and whatnot. I see people out and about in much, much more casual things! I can't believe how small your feet are! I had no idea!

Indiana Adams said...

Um, excuse me, lady, but your boots are blowing my mind! :0)

-Indiana@Adored Austin.

Cassie {Hi Sugarplum!} said...

You look cute...and look at all that long flowing hair!! gorgeous!

wardrobeexperience said...

cute... warm and cozy... love the maiden tee

Between Laundry Days said...

This post is just proof that you are supremely badass. The boots look great!

Iris said...

It is a cute outfit but, sweatpants are synonymous with pjs for me so I consider them on that wayyyy casual side and probably wouldn't wear them to brunch... maybe to groceries