Friday, February 11, 2011

Day 11 (4 + 18 + 5 + 24)

4 Army Green Shawl Collar Fleece + 18 UO grey, blue, black and purple sheer tank + 5 tie dyed jeans + 24 cammo boots =

Day 11 (4 + 18 + 5 + 24)

Yeah, I wore three prints. Three strong prints. And it's maybe a wee bit crazy pants. Maybe a bit over the top. And I don't care. I love it.

Day 11 (4 + 18 + 5 + 24)

That little lock on the necklace came on my bag, but it banged up against the key that's also on there and was really clangy and noisy and so I removed it. But it was too cute to toss, so I just added it to the chain with the bullet.

Day 11 (4 + 18 + 5 + 24)

Today when I read this poem:

Day 4 poem

I replied in my sleepy voice “Is it a PLUSH PIZZA?”

And you know what? It was.

Day 4

I have the frosted pink donut as well, and I keep it on the couch like that is a normal adult decorating choice. I’ll do the same with my new pizza!~

Cardigan, Target
Tank, Urban Outfitters
Jeans, Target
Cammo Boots, Aldo
Bag, Fossil
Gloves, Vintage, gift
Scarf, Target
Necklace, self made


RubyAlison said...

The outfit is rad, the note is so cute. And I have to admit much pleasure over the pizza being marketed as a breakfast choice.

Erin said...

Well, I decorate with my childhood books, so plushies are cool by me!

And honestly? This outfit doesn't look crazy-pants at all. Edgy? Yes. Funky? Sure. But it WORKS. Love it! *drives to Target to totall BUY THOSE JEGGINGS*

Christy said...


And I like your outfit a whole lot. It's crazy but it makes sense, which is important to draw the line at looking crazy cool vs. crazy needs to be locked up. Keep on, mama.

Collette Osuna said...

Love the love the pizza..and three prints?? you rock!! My kinda girl!!

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Katie said...

1. This outfit totally works. The prints go so well together and I think that the green and purple bring it together perfectly... also, love that shade of green with that shade of purple!!


Rebecca said...

That poem made my day. You two are so sweet.

poet said...

The outfit looks great! Encourages me to mix patterns too... I wish I could pull off combat-ish boots like you continue to do!

That love poem + pizza slice is the cutest thing ever.


Chalkdust and Boots said...

I love your outfit, but I also want to discuss the plush pizza. AHHHH! So cute! I have a stuffed animals problem (my last purchase? A PLUSH VULTURE!!!) and I can see this post taking me over the edge to venturing into plush foods. LIKE A PLUSH FRIED EGG!

April said...

hahah that pizza is so cute and the poem is even cuter!!

laura said...

i am in love with that jacket. i want to make it mine. and that plush pizza? adorbs! you and your hubs are just way cute.

Autumn said...

Yay, pizza! Is that similar in size to your donut? That'll be one large slice o' pizza!

Megan Mae said...

Most adorable gift ever! I love your matching purple gloves to pieces.

Erin said...

I can just hear a sleepy little voice muttering that. I personally would have been all "huh? what the hell? I don't wanna get up. bleah." But then I walked into a closed door this morning. I also feel the need to point out that after growing up in the Virginia mountains, I totally overlooked your camouflage boots as a print. I kept looking for the third print until I went back up to the very top!

Laura said...

I keep a felted stegosaurus on my sofa like it's a normal adult decorating choice. It is. Right?

Elissa said...

Okay, this is why I said you were masterful at mixing prints and colors. THIS. Erin for the win.

Your plush pizza is making me hungry. Omnomnom.

Anonymous said...

you are killing this challenge, lady.

DaniellaBella said...

All I can say is that pizza is the cutest! And if I didn't know you were doing the 30x30 I'd never know. each outfit looks so different

Melissa said...

I love that pizza! And that scarf is perfect, I really love that color on you.

Linley said...

that purple and blue combo is gorgeous - those two colors look great together and on you! oh, and that bag... i'm in love with it!

The Suburb Experiment said...

You feed my Target addiction, you know that right? Hee hee.


Kyla said...

This is sooo cool looking! I love how all the prints just WORK!

Alannah said...

I wore my pair of those pants on Saturday, and because of your comment here I couldn't stop calling them "crazy pants" in my head. So that's what they are now (and I hear it said in your voice). Ha ha!

I love all those patterns and wouldn't have thought twice about them all together, to be honest. It works and it looks good on you!