Saturday, February 26, 2011

Day 23 (3 + 14 + 24)

3 AA Charcol Cardigan + 14 reversable birthday dress +24 cammo boots =

Day 23 (3 + 14 + 24)

OK. I admit. I'm over it. I feel like I made my point. I learned my lesson. I get it. And I want to quit it. I'm not going to. I have 7 outfits to go , and I am going to deliver. But I'm frustrated by it. I got cute things to wear for my birthday. I'm getting bored. I want to wear open shoes. But the real kicker is that I'm not working in an office and I should have total freedom to wear whatever I want, but I'm shackled to these 30 items for seven more outfits. *Exhale* OK. Enough whining. This is still a cute outfit.

Day 23 (3 + 14 + 24)

I'm glad I put those cammo boots in this mix because they made the floral dresses more bearable and because if I get the job I want? I'll not be wearing them much at all.

Day 23 (3 + 14 + 24)

Seven more outfits. I can do this...

Day 23 (3 + 14 + 24)

(I skipped FBFF this week, and A Working Mom's Closet covered why pretty eloquently.)

Cardigan, AA
Dress, Target
Belt, Forever XXI
Boots, Aldo
Necklace, yard sale


Collette Osuna said...

Just saw your Facebook post, lol...I feel your pain hunnie.....My last outfit was #16...YOU ARE WAYYY AHEAD OF dont wanna be doping the 30x30 til April...just sayin......I love the floral with the boots! And I saw your Tweet about the interview....hope you get it!!!

Erin said...

You Can Do It! And yes, that is a very cute outfit you're sporting. I like the topknot, too.

I'm feeling your pain, but in a completely different way - I want to wear shoes with heels, but I can't because IT WON'T STOP SNOWING HERE GAH I'MGONNADIEMAKEITSTOP!!!! I had a cute, non-boot outfit picked out today, and I had to scrap it because MN sucks.

Can I move to Texas?

Rebecca said...

I am so ready to wear some different clothes! I am wearing #26 today, so there is no way that I can quit now.

Anja said...

I am feeling with you. i have 6 more outfits to go and I can't wait to wear other things.
But girl, you look stunning today! Love that dress with the boots and you look so pretty with this high bun!

cbenavides said...

You are so brave!! I can't imagine making it this far in 30x30. You can do it!!!

The Suburb Experiment said...

You're doing a great job but I feel you on the burnout. I packed a bunch of my 30 for 30 for our little weekend away and am basically changing and photographing outfits every time we go to do something different. Starbucks run? New outfit. Brewery Tour? New outfit. Slightly cheaty, I know.

I popped over to Melissa's blog and was also delighted to see her express (much better than I could) why I didn't participate in this FBFF either.


Anonymous said...

I am waaay over the challenge, too! Ugh. I'm not really sure what my issue is. Props to you for sticking with it. Tomorrow is my last day...I'm soo excited.

Melody said...

I feel you.. I am so ready for the challenge to be over. but I refuse to quit (I tried the last one but stopped really early into it)

Angeline said...

You can do it! Just a little bit left to go. And you're right--this outfit is so freakin' adorable.

Laurelann said...

Although I love this outfit, I feel your pain. I actually cheated and bought new stuff. I have very little spring stuff and I want more, more, more! I'm in the middle of a wardrobe revamp currently because I'm not happy with my options, possibly because I've had some of them since freshman year of HS. Ugh.