Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Busy Days

Getting all dressed up to run errands is still a bit weird, but if I don’t, I’ll never get dressed up, and I love dressing up. To be honest, I basically get all dressed up, go out and run my errands, and then come home and get right back into my PJs. I have a dog, and he sheds. I am much to fond of my clothes to have him shed all over them, and much too fond of him to not cuddle.

Nov 11

Pink tights. So fun!~
Nov 11

I love these flats, I bought them this summer and wore them once. They are the kind of shoe that will give you blisters in a serious way without tights, so now that it’s cooled off, I hope to be wearing them much more.

Nov 11

Goldstone hoops from my Etsy store. Nathan really digs these. I do too, obviously, I designed them. I never make anything I wouldn’t wear.
Nov 11

Dress, vintage
Flats, Target
Tights, Target
Bag, GAP
Goldstone hoops, http://www.loveerindesigns.etsy.com/

The store is keeping me MUCH busier than I thought it would. Making, photographing, uploading, packaging, shipping…it’s very time consuming. Which is good. I’m working on getting some more pieces made and up in the store today and tomorrow AM.

I’m still trying to decide what it is I want to do for a J.O.B. I’d love to find something like a part time admin. Here’s hoping. Tomorrow afternoon, I upload my resume and get to searching.


Kate (a.k.a. Mrs. Makeover) said...

What a cute outfit!

Best wishes on your job search.

lenora said...

you do look adorable. Being unemployable can be totally soul-destroying, but it doesn't have to be. Keep designing! it's an uncommon talent.

meanderingway said...

that dress is a pretty sweet fun fun fun find and looks awesome with those tights!

A said...

Oh wow, those shoes are amazing. LOVE them! I can never get enough of that purse either!!

So glad your Etsy store is successful! Of course I have my fingers crossed that you can find the perfect part time job too. <3

kiran said...

this is a GREAT outfit! you look totally adorable, collected, & confident- which i can imagine may be hard after last week- so double props!
i checked out the etsy store & love your creations and would easily pick out multiple paces for myself, that is, if i wasn't on an accessories buying freeze (being an unemployed law student is icky most of the time) but best of luck and tons of love from brooklyn!!!

Trace said...

You seem like a totally creative person with a positive attitude - just wanted to say best of luck with both your job search and your Etsy shop!

LOVE the tights! I don't know how I could ever pull that look off, but it looks simply amazing on you. Love the shoes too!

WendyB said...

Those tights are fab!

Katie Keisler said...

That's my dilemma exactly!! I have a dog who sheds A TON and when she walks past me, little clouds of fur poof over on me! My black dress pants are a mess until I can get to work and lint roll them! LOL!

I love the outfit - the flats are cute! I hope they don't hurt your feet! Hopefully the tights will help!

Anonymous said...

oh neat! i can post here without having a blog?? i love the tights!!

Anonymous said...

oh this is beka by the way!

Andrea Eames said...

Great outfit - I love the tights! And the fact that you get dressed up to run errands makes me love you even more. :)

Good luck with everything. I'm sending you good vibes from New Zealand.

mbbored said...

I'm the same way with errands. My work wardrobe has to be kind of blah (jeans + enclosed leather shoe + lab coat) so I get all adorable to go to the grocery store and library. Once I'm home, I'm back in my sweats or pjs.