Thursday, November 20, 2008

The Plum Tights

When I posted the last line of yesterday’s entry “What do you think?” I was really mostly thinking “Is that pencil skirt as unflattering as I think?” I was not even thinking about the tights. The tights ended up being a pretty hot button issue.

The tights are actually a very well-thought out, important part of the outfit. I hear what you guys are saying. I do. I think I just failed to communicate my intent.

“I just don't think you should knock job opportunities just because of the dress code” –
I’m sorry, I disagree. I have to be at a job 10-11 hours a day. I spend more time at work than I do at home. More time with co-workers than with friends and family. And more time in work clothes than anything else. And clothes are very important to me. Maybe more important than they are to most people. They impact my confidence and my mood. I absolutely think I should consider the dress code when looking at a company. Dress code is often an indicator of the over-all office environment as well. And I want to work somewhere where I can be me. Not just dress the way I like, but actually BE ME. Make jokes, have ideas, and be appreciated for not just the fact that I can do the job well, but for the WAY I do it.

“I think what you need to do is find a balance between the two extremes, AT LEAST FOR THE INTERVIEW!” –
I feel like I did. The charcoal dress has a great cut and fit, and is very classic looking, but not something I would normally wear. The compromise is the tights, which I would wear. Together they take a piece from both worlds, conservative and creative, and blend them together for a great look.

“I'd give points to someone with the confidence to make a classy bold wardrobe choice over a bland one.” –
I could not agree more.

“I think your interviewing outfit totally depends on the industry you work in and the type of company the potential job is with.” –
BINGO. I totally agree. If I were looking for a job in finance, law or insurance, I would wear a suit. The point is that I don’t WANT a job in those kinds of places. Not even a little bit. I’ve worked in those types of environments before and I am very unhappy there. It’s not worth it.

“I expected my candidates to at least have on a blazer.” –
And I am sure you had great reasons for expecting that. But the fact that you did says to me I might not have been a good fit. And I don’t believe for a minute that you would have let my lack of a blazer keep you from hiring me if I WERE the right girl for the job.

“They aren't hiring you for your…personality” –
You know I love you girl, but I totally disagree. I want a job where my personality matters, and is not just accepted, but a key factor.

“I just do not feel the second option on you at all.” –

Yeah. Me either. I think I might like it better with the black 15 dollar pants from Wal-mart though. I think it’s just THAT skirt I hate. I hated it last time I wore it too. It might just be time to retire it.

Again, I totally understand what you guys are saying. And I would agree if I were looking for a job in a more corporate environment. But I’m not. Been there, done that, never again. I’m 32, and I’ve had several jobs. So I do have experience. Heck, in high school I got first place in the academic decathlon interview portion. So I’m OK at this. But THIS time, I’m going to be me. And if that’s not good enough, then it’s not the right job for me, period.

An interview works both ways. I’m interviewing the company as much as they are interviewing me. It’s kind of like dating. And eventually I will find the right place. I did it with my last job, and I will again.

If I’m still jobless in 6 months, I’ll try black tights. ;)


A said...

Awesome, I LOVE this post. It's obvious you know what you want and it sounds like the responses just reinforced how you felt already!

Here's to finding the perfect job~!


Katie Keisler said...

Haha! I love this! I didn't have a chance to comment on that blog, but I loved the plum tights - and you're right - if the job has a problem with your personality, then it's not the job for you!


Jess said...

I loved the plum tights, and I totally agree on the skirt in option 2. It is too long on you and looks too big...doesn't show off your great shape at all, not even in a conservative way.

Good luck on your interviews! I hope you find a good fit.

Audi said...

Bravo -- you are SO right in wanting a job that allows you to dress the way you want. I always make it a point to let at least one of my tattoos show when I interview; I figure if they're going to get bent out of shape about them, it's not the kind of envirmonment I want to work in. Better to find out during the intereview than when you're miserable in a workplace where you don't fit in. Good luck in the search!

kiran said...

plum tights it is-- best of luck!!

Sean and Danielle said...

Erin, I didn't get to respond to the other post but I would have said choice #1. IMO, it's a fantastic, dressy, outfit. I would wear something like that to my office and any other office I have worked in, that outfit would fit in perfectly. It's clean, smart and well put together. you can't ask for more than that. You are a very smart, professional woman and you are right in wearing what you want and what makes you feel comfy. That's who you are and you don't want to work at a place who wouldn't hire you because of tights.
I too have done my fair share of jobs and interviews and I agree with you. You have to be comfortable where you work.
Stick to your tights! Er, guns!

Sean and Danielle said...

Oh yeah - my only complaint would be that the outfit needs a bracelet :)

WendyB said...

It all depends on what kind of field you're in.

Anonymous said...

Amen Sista! Go YOU!

Anonymous said...

And that skirt is too long. Or something. I bet it would look great if you shortened it an inch or two? Just a thought.

hello jamie: said...

I am with you. Hate suits, don't own one, don't want to work at a place where I had to wear one, and if I did HAVE to buy one, it will have something "me" in it, even if it's plum tights. (I don't know the protocol, actually, but I hope I don't need a suit to interview at a place where I will wear scrubs all day. *shudder*).

this from the girl that hasn't had on anything but pajamas and yoga clothes in like, a week. But everything's clean so I should rejoin society soon. In a real outfit.


Anonymous said...

Do your thing girl. More power to you!!! But definitely go with the dress - so much more flattering an option - and truth be told what it all comes down to is if you're comfortable in your own skin (or clothes) then your comfort and confidence will shine through - knock 'em dead sister!!!

bobbye said...

I meant to post this earlier, like on the last post - I'm really not good at keeping up with blogs...

I adore the dress in option one - it looks precious on you and really compliments your style and body shape.

For an interview I might wear the plum tights underneath some black cable tights for a subtle color pop.

I think it's good to present your true self at an interview - style and all.


Anonymous said...

So are you going to tell us in what field you're interviewing?

SHOEGAL said...

You go girl! Love the tights and the dress is adorable.
Good luck with your job hunting, I'm sure you will find something you love and where they love you for who you are.
Also, you're 32? I would have put you at mid-late 20s tops.

A said...

I agree--I always think you're like 10 years younger than me because you look SO good! I forget we're only 5 years apart.


Suz said...

Erin! A) Bums that you have to be job hunting in the time of year AND in this economy. B) I think you have a great outlook on the interviewing process. You totally hit the nail on the head about interview being a two way conversation. A company does not want you to put on a facade only to hire you and find out 6 months in, you're not really the person they thought they were hiring. Keep up the optimism and realistic view on the situation.

Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Absolutely! I totally agree with this post. As mentioned in your previous post, I had a job interview on Wednesday and I went into it saying "I am going to be completely ME" "yessing" just to get the job. If they like ME then I'll be happy there. My last job I "yessed" my way in and was miserable. And I totally agree about the clothes issue as well- you will be at this job for 40 hours a week, you better be comfortable! As a side note, many years ago I went on a job interview for a management position wearing my tiny nose stud. I got the job. And wore the nose stud every day for 6 months until the day my immediate boss called me in and said a nose stud was inappropriate in an office setting and I would no longer be allowed to wear it. I was humiliated and left the job within 2 months.
PS- I'd never guess you were 32! I'd have said 25.

Andrea Eames said...

Hurrah! And hear hear. I completely agree with everything you've said. I haven't tuned in for a couple of days, so I've missed all the controversy, but I'm going to go back and read the comments on the previous post now - it seems like an interesting debate!

And I agree with Anon above - I thought you were about 25. You look amazing.

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