Wednesday, November 12, 2008


Today I went out to get groceries. In heels. I couldn’t remember the last time I wore heels. And I like to wear heels. So I wore them!

Nov 12

This cardi used to be grey. I wanted it to be black, so I dyed it, which is a very labor intensive process. And now it’s sort of off black. Darker than it was, but not quite what I would call black.

Nov 12

I just discovered the snood. Which is great for those of us who tend to be too lazy to wash our hair. It makes me feel so fancy!

Nov 12

The heels, with mud caked tips...
Nov 12

And of course, some Love Erin Designs jewelry. Did you notice the widget over there on the sidebar? I just discovered that I could do that today!


I’m getting better at taking photos of the jewelry. I redid some of the listings from last week and I added some new ones. I found a better light to shoot them in so that the colors are far more true to life. Stop by and have a look, let me know what you think.

Thanks so much for all the continued encouragement. I have not had as much time as I’d like to spend reading all my girls blogs and commenting. Know that I am checking them though, and in case I forgot to mention it before, You look beautiful.

Snood, Target
Hoops and necklace, Love Erin Designs (see sidebar)
Tank, Target
Cardigan, Alternative Apparel
Jeans, Dear at Steve and Barry's
Bag, Vintage Gucci
Shoes, Payless
weird bubble in sleeve, a bangle I had on under there ;)


Katie Keisler said...

I love the shoes!

Trace said...

Love the shoes and the snood! I've always wondering what those were called. Those jeans look great on you too. I'm seeking some skinny jeans, think I'll check out Steve and Barry's - can't beat their prices!

Take care...

WendyB said...

The snood is fabulous.

Connie said...

Can you wear a snood over your entire head? Cuz' sometimes I don't wash my face either. Well, I guess said snood would then be a ski mask, huh? Probably not the best idea.

This look would totally fit in at Central Market. Love it all!

Anonymous said...

Can I steal your bag?? It's fabulous. You look great! Better than my sweats and Uggs at the grocery store :)

kiran said...

i think those are the same payless patent booties ive seen on other bloggers too- nice!

Sal said...

Looking good, kitten. LOVE the jeans. Glad you're dolling up for errands - means you're keeping your spirits up. Keep us posted about jobstuff.

Katie Keisler said...

Haha! Your comment on my blog about the turd cake just made my day! LOL! I am here at work laughing out loud! Hahah....

Kudos to you for dying your cardi! That's a lot of work!


Laura said...

I forgot about snoods! I used to wear them in high school, but I threw all of mine away. Maybe you will inspire me to take them back up again!

A said...

I have never heard of a "snood" (what a funny name)--your blog is educational too! ha ha. Was that the dirt coloured cardigan? It looks good dyed dark. LOVE the Gucci--you look amazing! <333

Andrea Eames said...

Gorgeous shoes!

The word 'snood' always makes me smile. :)

Nana Erin said...

If you get out there let me know if they still have them. I could really use a 3rd pair like the ones I have on today, and maybe a darker pair. They didn't have them the last couple of times I was in there! >:O

NO GIRL. You cannot. lol.

It looked really tasty to me!

Snood snood snood. It is a really funny word.

Stephanie said...

Love the snood. Super cool. I'm also looking at your blog because we have similar glasses and I NEVER know what to do for accessories, I feel like the glasses and accessories are too much together, but you totally pull it off. I also never know what to do with eye makeup. I'm rambling. Good blog!!

Kelly said...

This outfit makes you look incredibly skinny.