Thursday, November 13, 2008

Lunch with Lara

Lara came over for lunch today. I made Ramen Pancakes for us.

I am still wearing heels. It’s actually kind of nice. They don’t hurt as early in the day as they did when I wore them to the office, because I am doing a lot less walking. I had one of those office jobs with a lot of walking papers to and fro and up and down a few flights of stairs. I was more active then than I am now, which you rarely here about office jobs. But I was on my feet a lot.

Lara brought over a couple things to give me. A skirt, this dress:

Because she didn’t think she would wear it again, and I gotta tell you, I will wear it OUT, but it borders on scandalously short on me, so I doubt I’d wear it in a professional position at all.

And this hoodie:
Nov 13

The pictures don’t do it justice at ALL. It’s super flattering and SO comfy. I love it. I’m glad she never wore it. Ha!

Nov 13

I’m also wearing these earrings which are hidden in my hair in the pictures:


They have a nice weight to them. I can FEEL them but they aren’t TOO heavy, like some earrings can be. I like earrings that weigh JUST enough that I can feel them swing when I turn my head. The feel of swinging earrings is one of life’s greatest small joys for me.

I’ve ordered silver hoops and supplies for the store, so lots of things will be available in silver soon as well as gold. AND I am going to add an option to add an inch at a time to the chain of necklaces soon. I just have to figure out the pricing on that…

Fleece hoodie, gift from Lara (Old Navy)
Grey short sleeve sweater, Target
Jeans, Dear @ Steve and Barry’s
Shoes, Payless
Bangle, just peeking out there, Urban Outfitters


Anonymous said...

You read Mom's mind about the silver and the add an inch...

I think you should let me borrow the hoodie..there's enough room for Quinn/Claire in there, eh?

WendyB said...

I agree with you about earring weight. I dislike too light almost as much as too heavy.

A said...

Ahhhh I am dead if you start making things in silver for your store~! I am excited but also sad for my credit card. Ha ha.

I love that fleece hoodie! So cute.

I am enjoying seeing more of what you wear when you can wear anything you want! I know I sure look different on a weekend than I do at work, and it's WAY more "me".

Autumn said...

SILVER!!!! Yessssss.

Laura said...

Those earrings are the ones I've had my eyes on. I used to be a silver fan, but lately have been drawn to gold.

Katie Keisler said...

The dress looks awesome with the black tights... but you're right, without the tights it might just a be a little bit "hoochi-fied"... lol! :-P

Sal said...

Hooray for friends and generosity! Lara brought you some great loot, all right. The hoody looks like a dream of comfy-ness.

meanderingway said...

Having seen the hoodie on you in real life, I can say it's definitely even cuter in person than through the Internets.

Those earrings are some of my faves. You should see if Kenneth the Page would be interested in them. ;)

E said...

I am so proud of you and your etsy!! I just wish I wore earrings!
In fact, I just mentioned your etsy and my need for all of them in your shop on Already Pretty Sal's Friday post!

Marina said...

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yotababy said...

I'm really glad you like the hoodie and dress! And yeah, I really, really love those earrings! :)