Friday, November 7, 2008

Lunch Date

I had lunch with my friend Danael today. I love hanging out with Danael, he’s so easy to get along with, and so FUNNY.

I took the opportunity to get dressed up, because why not?

Nov 7

Nov 7

Fancy Jasper earrings, from Love Erin Designs:
Fancy Jasper earrings

I’ve gotten three orders from the Etsy shop already, so THANK YOU to each of you that have ordered. We are going to the Fun, Fun, Fun festival in Austin this weekend, but on Monday I’ll ship those orders out and get started on replacing the ones I still have materials for. If you’d like to order something that has already sold, feel free to drop me a line and let me know.

Dress, "Loves Me Not" at Etsy.
Leather obi belt, Fosuism Boutique at Etsy
Leggings, Target
Boots, Steve Madden
Bag, Vintage Dooney & Bourke
Jasper and Gold Hoops "Love Erin Designs "at Etsy
Necklace, Haute Hardware


Autumn said...

I am upset the gold leaf earrings are gone. :(

Will you make some special for me and put them aside? I think they were $18. Let me know if this is possible, and I'll pay for them now.

WendyB said...

Great colors in that dress.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Autumn, I bought the leaf ones! I couldn't wait. <3

That dress is so pretty & very November-y!


Trace said...

Hey there! Just wanted to say I've been reading your blog for a few weeks and find your style so inspiring! This is my first comment. =) I think I found you on someone's blog roll. Love that dress, looks awesome on you. And best of luck with your Etsy shop, you have such cute and unique pieces!

Laura said...

Cute dress!

I looked at your Etsy shop and plan on ordering as soon as I get situated again. (October was the most expensive month of my life!) Best of luck to you! I don't see any reason why you won't be successful with the jewelry. Your designs are amazing. :)

yotababy said...

I love that dress!

Anonymous said...

Ahh, that dress is amazing. Loving the colors!!

jennine said...

i love it!

Patricia said...

Darn I really LOVED those bird earrings- I saw them in a photo on your blog and was so jazzed to see them on the etsy page for sale...unfortunately I don't have paypal or I'd have snapped them up immediately! Hopefully I'll get a paypal account set up so I don't miss out again!!

Caroline said...

Loving that dress, esp with the obi-belt look!

I've awarded you the "I love your blog(s)" award - y'know, because I love reading yer blog!

If you want to hand it on the deets are on mine.

Sal said...

OK, fess up: Where'd you get that awesome obi?

Katie said...

I love your blog! I have a similar blog about what I wear each day as I try to become more "fashionable"! :-) Your blog inspires me!!


Work With What You've Got said...

Doh!~ Sorry I seem to have forgotten the details!~
Dress, Loves Me Not at Etsy.
Leather obi belt, Fosuism Boutique at Etsy
Leggings, Target
Boots, Steve Madden
Bag, Vintage Dooney & Bourke
Jasper and Gold Hoops ,Love Erin Designs at Etsy
Necklace, Haute Hardware

Laura said...

Erin - I tagged you on my blog! Not sure if you're into that kind of thing.

Sal said...

Ach! I've had my eye on that very obi since that Etsy shop opened ... now I KNOW it's a good deal.

Jen said...

I love, love, love this dress! I love retro fabrics! The colors in the dress work really well with your coloring, too.

I'm so glad you commented on my blog - because it led me to your's!!!