Thursday, November 6, 2008

Love Erin Designs

First of all, thank you so much to each and every one of you that has stopped by and left an encouraging word. It has meant more to me than you can know.

Second, I’ve been hard at work, and I’ve got the beginnings of a shop going on over at Etsy.

The Shop is called LoveErinDesigns, and it’s located here:

A big shout of to my girl Kelly
for the banner design, she styled it to look like my paintings, which was way super cool of her.

love erin short

See? There's one behind me in this old shot
October 7,Day 1

PLEASE stop in and have a look, and tell your friends!~

Day 29
(I’m in this picture, I promise. Look to the right…)

wearing some hoops I made a copy of for the shop...
Nov 4


Autumn said...

Holy crap.

First of all, you are gorgeous.

Second of all, I'll take one of everything. Except I have no monies!

I hope I can place an order soon. I love those gold leaf earrings.

Anonymous said...

I've added you as a favorite. :-) - Lindsey

Anonymous said...

I just came across your blog the other day and have book-marked it. I'm happy to see you have gotten a start on your shop after your disappointment at the beginning of the week- truly courageous of you- I think I'd have laid around pitying myself for a bit longer. Anyway off to check out your shop and probably drool over your jewelry. I love what I've seen so far!

Boutique Girl said...

Woo hoo! Go girl! You have picked yourself up and dusted yourself off and moved on to a new FABULOUS venture. I will letting everyone I know about your designs!

SHOEGAL said...

Great stock in the shop so far. Can I ask what the metal is the earrings are made from, and do you ship to the UK?
I'm so pleased you're bouncing back from this. I had a similar scare last week and it's not nice, especially if it's happened to you twice before.

Connie said...

O.k., that picture with the boots and you....I would blow that up and put it on my wall. I love it.

So glad you are up and going! I can't wait to check out the shop and I'll add a link to my blog too.

You look fab! (as always)

A said...

YAY ETSY SHOP!! *runs*

The Bagboy said...

YAAAAAAY! I'm so glad you're finally getting to do this. AND you've already made three sales! Congratulations kid...big things are comin' your way.

Nana Erin said...

Thank you everyone!~


All the hoops and 98% of the findings are gold filled. There are a few gold-plated beads here and there but I always note that. And YES, simply select the "everywhere else" shipping.

I al SO getting a print of that pic. lol. I love it. It's my favorite 365 pic so far.