Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Happy, Happy

One of my favorite things bloggers have been doing recently are Instagram collages. The wonderful thing about Instagram is that Instagram pictures are almost always capturing happy moments. Little snapshots of the bests parts of our lives. I hope you like them too!

1. Untitled 2. Untitled

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5. Untitled 6. Untitled

7. Untitled 8. Untitled

9. Untitled 10. Untitled

11. Untitled 12. Untitled

1. I LOVE breakfast.This is a pretty typical breakfast for me... cinnamon raisin toast, honey nut cream cheese, blueberries and strawberries with a honey drizzle and a sprinkle of cinnamon and a boiled egg.
2. I am super into bright pink lips right now, and this new Revlon JustBitten Kissable Balm Stain is one of my favorites. Goes on smooth, doesn't dry my lips out and has a fresh soft mint scent.
3. Love it when you make plans to meet friends out and end up having chance encounters with even more friends.
4. Puppy kisses.
5. and 6. Summer is for pretty cocktails.
7. and 8. Warren's epic and classy Memorial Day Party. Thank you, Warren. Maybe next year we will actually meet.
9. and 10. There was bingo, based on chicken's pooping. It was weird. And kind of fun.
11. Nathan has a monthly DJ gig with a partner called Vinyl Fantasy, where they play soul, psych and all kinds of fun stuff. Sometimes there is dancing. Those are the best times.
12.When in doubt, wear Free People and all your favorite jewelry.
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Laura said...

Love the lip color. What's the name of that shade??


Great pics! Ahh I love Instagram for capturing life's little candid moments.

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Reva said...

Aww, the doggie kiss!