Friday, May 4, 2012

How's 'Bout Cookin' Somethin' Up With Me?

I've been making some amazing things to eat lately...

A salad made of bite sized pieces of honeycrisp apple, shaved Parmesan, a drizzle of honey and a little course black pepper. So fresh and summery!

Bobili thin crust flatbread with honey, goat cheese and mushrooms and green onions browned in butter.
And more of that apple salad...

 Lemon cupcakes with strawberry frosting and as many kinds of sprinkles as I could find.

Instant grits with a generous amount of goat cheese, fresh green onions and bacon. And more bacon on top.

What have you made lately we should try?

1 comment:

EvaNadine said...

ummm...can i just move in with you? i promise i will be your recipe guinea pig!
as for my cooking, check out my pinterest food board. im sort of addicted to making everything from there!