Wednesday, May 23, 2012

If You Built Yourself A Myth

It feels good to be making jewelry again. I don't know how it is for other artists, but for me, it can take a while for the inspiration to hit. Sometimes if I seek it out, I can find it. Other times, I have to wait patiently for it to come to me. I get nervous. I get bored. I get frustrated. There are false starts. But it always works out in the end. And then I have something to offer the world that wasn't there before. Wearable art. Adornment. It's my passion. I love it. I love to adorn and be adorned.

I bought this silk dress at the Austin Buffalo Exchange, Stevie had pulled it for me and as soon as I tried it on I knew I loved it. I wore it the same night but I didn't think things through, the silk is light as air and it was breezy. Lesson learned. Pettipants are a necessity with this dress.



I hadn't worn it since that first go, I wasn't sure how to style it really. But when I made this necklace on Monday they suddenly seemed like a perfect match. The necklace is heavy and the silk is so light. I liked how they played off each other.



Stevie put together a similar one, and we are both really in love with the concept. Mine is onyx, pearls and silver. Stevie's has some rose quartz and a gorgeous rose quart point on the end. I can't wait to see what we come up with next!

Dress, Buffalo Exchange, Austin
Bralett, Urban Outfitters
Boots, Buffalo Exchange Austin
Claw cuff, Moon Raven Designs
Necklace, Love, Erin
Puppy, Twiggie Smalls

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Piper Alexander said...

Love the dress, love the necklace. I would buy one w/that gun knife at the end.