Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Tell That DJ Turn It Up

(I almost never want to tell the DJ to turn it up. Just so you know. Clubs are almost always too loud for me.)

It was my husbands DJ night at Inwood Lounge so I got dressed up. It was one of those nights. I tried on every single thing I owned and hated all of it. And then I took one last cruise through the racks in my dressing room and...BOOM! Hidden behind a floral print silk romper was this plain black silk one. I had completely forgotten about it. It happens. I slipped it on, added a kimono and felt perfect.




A braided bun is an easy solution for a quick and classy up-do, you know, for when you wasted all your alloted gettin' ready time hating your wardrobe.


Silk Romper - Buffalo Exchange Dallas
Kimono - Forever XXI
Boots - Buffalo Exchange Austin
Heart Necklace - The Shining
Beaded Necklace - Love Erin Designs (me!)
Puppy - The nervous little Twiggie Smalls


Semicosmic said...

Love your boots, beautiful outfit!

Tallulah Doll said...

Oh my gosh, I know the of those days when you go through a million options to find something to wear! I'm glad you found some hidden treasures though, that always rocks!

-Iddie Doll