Friday, May 25, 2012

Try To Have Fun In The Meantime

I was obviously going somewhere in this. I know because Nathan was with me (he takes my pictures) and we bothered to take pictures. But I have no idea where. Goodfriend for a Goodfriend perhaps? No matter. It's fun and casual and a little over the top, just the way I like it.



Another recent Love, Erin design...



Jacket, Thrifted by Nathan
Tee, Thrifted by Nathan
Shorts, thrifted jeans I cut off
Boots, Fergie
Bag, Alexander Wang, via V.O.D.
Silver bullet rosary,  second hand piece altered by me
Multi colored drop necklace, Love, Erin
Rosary, Uncommon Objects, Austin
Turquoise rings and trinity ring, second hand
Cicada ring, Elizabeth and James via Neiman Marcus
Claw Bracelet, Moon Raven Designs
Silver cuff, Nest

Twiggie Smalls says have a safe and fun long weekend!


Joni James said...

Hey, that's my old jewelry! ;)

wardrobeexperience said...

your man is a great thrift-shopper! jacket and tee are so awesome!

Genie said...

Those rings are amazing! I'm such a sucker for the fine detail in an outfit, and I love your cut offs paired with boots, not very many people can successfully pull 'em off like you!