Monday, January 4, 2010

Happy As A Girl That Swims in a World of Magic

When the Rodarte collection came out at Target, I wanted one thing. The skelly sequined shift dress. That’s it. I got up that Sunday and got online at 10:30 to discover it was already sold out. I tried a couple stores, but no luck. I wasn’t that shocked, remember that Alexander McQueen jacket I have sold out between 9 and 11 AM the day it was released. But I was disappointed. Cut to last Friday. We went to Target to pick up a crock pot of all things and right there in the entrance was the Rodarte display, and they had a skelly dress, and it fit. Excuse the cruddy blackberry pic, but I really just took it for Alannah. I cannot get over how excited I am to find this dress.


Also? I earned enough money selling various things and saving my Christmas money from Alannah to get my Wendy B piece. I honestly thought it would take months. I am super surprised and delighted and my order has been placed.

I’ve been having a run of good luck in 2010. I’m hoping it will hold out. Friday I found the skelly dress. Saturday a cousin gave me two sets of antlers he had so that I can mount them and hang them in my living room. Now some of you might not think that’s so cool, but to me it’s the coolest ever. Sunday I earned the money for and ordered my Wendy B piece. Plus we had a crappy Ikea coffee table and really needed to replace it. The surface was all cracked and peeled and ugly and one of the legs was broken, and then last night Nathan’s aunt gave us a really nice solid wood coffee table! I’m not hating 2010.

January 4

I know I need a new camera. My pictures just get sadder and sadder. I have a Cannon, and I think I am going to suck it up and buy a lens soon. And then learn how to use it!

January 4

Please, please feel free to make fourth grade style jokes about the way my skirt is falling. I did.

January 4

When I bought that sweater, I was 50 pounds heavier and it was a fitted sweater. I don’t wear it as often anymore, and I tend to prefer it straight out of the dryer before it’s had a chance to stretch out a bit, but I do still like it. It’s well made and a great color for my wardrobe.

January 4

Almost every time I carry this purse, someone tries to buy it off me, but it’s not for sale!~ I think we paid all of a couple bucks for it at an estate sale, and it is the tackiest thing I own, but I adore it, and it adds a great splash of color to an otherwise all grey and black outfit.

January 4

This necklace is a great, affordable way to get in on the studding trend, and it’s super wearable, even if you feel you are more conservative. It’s also really well made, even with all the studs, everything lays very flat and there is no puckering. Plus it’s just really awesome.

January 4

I don’t wear rings as much in the winter, since they are kind of uncomfortable under gloves, but these felt OK, and I feel a bit more dressed up!~

Tee, Urban Outfitters
Skirt, Target
Sweater, Proenza Schouler for Target
Jacket, had it since high school
Boots, vintage
Socks, Target
Gloves, Target
Ear muffs, stolen from husband
Bag, vintage
Earring, gift
Snake ring, Ebay
Studded necklace, myownlittleuniverse at Etsy


ANA said...

oh, Im jealous!! I wanted the dress too, and also went online to find out it was gone. My hubby offered to take me to Target but I was already disappointed. I guess I should try going!!

La Historiadora de Moda said...

I have to say that Rodarte line just didn't do it for me. I love your purse, though. That's great news about being able to make a Wendy B purchase already!

Sal said...

So glad to hear that this year is being good to you so far - when I first started reading you, things were THE PITS! And super excited that you'll be getting your WendyB necklace ...

Lauren said...

Where did you happen to get that necklace? I didn't notice a website or location in the credits. Loving it.

Work With What You've Got said...

Oh my gosh, Lauren, thank you for pointing that out, I've edited to add that it is from myownlittleuniverse at Etsy

secondhandshopper said...

I love that purse - I'd try to buy it off you too!!

Alannah said...

I, too, love that purse! It's so awesome and the colours are amazing!

Also, this picture ( is SO adorable. It makes me want to give you a big hug!

THANK GAH this year is going better for you. That's one of my only wishes for 2010 (well, and that it goes better for me too). I hope you'll post a picture of the antlers when you get them mounted! You know I can appreciate that as someone who has relatives in rural VT. ;)

Wear Necessities said...

congrats on your good luck - you deserve it! That skelly dress is awesome, i almost bought it myself! -Natalya of Wear Necessities

Sarah-Rose said...

So excited you've ordered your WendyB piece! One of my resolutions for 2010 is to save and order one of my own. By my count? it should take me about six months. Sigh.
But! I won't give up!

hillary said...

You need a new camera but you have a Canon? Do you know about the upgrade replacement program?

Sheila said...

That dress is all kinds of awesomeness! I want to see a better picture of it!

Congrats on the Wendy B piece - things are definitely looking up for you. :)

I love that you have antlers! I have a bear head from a black bear that my brother-in-law killed many years ago. I ate sausage from the bear. He wears a fez now.

Clare said...

Yay for Rodarte skeleton!!! Supa-sweet! Oh, and I can't WAIT to see the WendyB jewelry you get.

WendyB said...

The necklace is on its way. I LOVE your handbag!

April said...

I cannot get over your bag. It's AMAZING.

Lorena said...

So good to hear your year is working for you !
I'm gonna check out that Etsy seller, that necklace is amazing!

Work With What You've Got said...

Hilary, I have always taken my pictures with an Olympus point and shoot. But it’s dying. I have Rebel that my brother in law gave me, and I thought I needed a lens but my husband assures me I just need to stop being lazy and learn to use it. Lol. So today he took my pictures with that. I think they look a lot better, what do you think?

myownlittleuniverse said...

yay! the necklace looks great on you! thank you for posting it on here :)

futurelint said...

Oooh! Jealous you found that dress! That's the one I wanted too! I'm still hoping I'll stumble upon it here somewhere, since the Target headquarters is in Minneapolis, we have a million Targets that are all exceptionally well stocked!

kanishk said...

I first started reading you, things were THE PITS! And super excited that you'll be getting your WendyB necklace ...

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