Thursday, January 28, 2010

Sometimes I Wish. Sometimes I Wish I Was Like Mariella

Sorry for the silence yesterday. My team at work moved suites and as a cost saving measure, we did it ourselves, so I basically wore a grubby tee shirt, flared leg jeans and sneakers, if you can even imagine that. I normally wouldn’t leave the house like that so I for sure wasn’t going to blog about it. I felt sloppy and blah.

But today is better!

January 28

Check it out. I totally wore the same shirt in a different color pattern on Monday. We are still unpacking boxes and it was one of the only blouses in my wardrobe that wasn’t’ chiffon and was work appropriate. So I went with it.

January 28

And I’m still carrying that bag, and still doing it because my lunch, which is exactly the same lunch today as it was Tuesday, fits in it. What can I say? I’m working really hard this week and as a result I have a case of the lazy when it comes to my handbag.

January 28

I haven’t worn this Erin Fetherston jacket in a really long time and I couldn’t tell you why. Well, I could. I mean let’s face it; I have an awful lot of jackets to choose from. I have a super whole lot more jackets than any girl from Dallas, Texas really needs. Because I love jackets. And I neglect a fair bit of them because I have so many. So, I’m sorry little velvet jacket, you are an awesome jacket, and it’s not your fault that I happen to prefer anything moto inspired to blazers right now.

And I am not going to wear it buttoned pretty much at all today, but I know one of you is going to be curious about how it looks buttoned up, because that’s how you guys roll. So here you go:

January 28

I hope you have an awesome day. I’m going to go listen to the Ke$ha CD my wonderful next door neighbor made me and see what all the fuss is about.

Jacket, Erin Fetherston for Target
Blouse/Tunic, Wal-Mart
Denim Leggings, ANA
Shoes, Blowfish via Zappos
Bag, TJMaxx
Isabella Wolf Fang Necklace, Wendy Brandes Jewelry


Sabrina said...

I so envy your jacket collection!!!

Ana said...

Good to see you back! That is a very cute jacket, but I am actually crushing on your shoes <3

- Ana

Sal said...

That teal is GORGEOUS on you, lady. You're just glowing.

GFS said...

That jacket is so pretty!

Theressa Lauw said...

That jacket is darling. I love the colour and the puffled sleeves.

Anonymous said...

Love the jacket, and love the song reference! Kate Nash is always a good choice.

FutureLint said...

Oh my, blue velvet! Swooon!

Kyla said...

That's a beautiful jacket and it fits you like a glove!

Jen said...

I think your necklace is really highlighted in this outfit - great choice!

A said...

Ke$ha... oh my gah. I only paid $6 for that cd and I'm still ashamed.

In other news, you still look fab even if you're dressed down for unpacking! Those colours look amazing on you.

Unknown said...

Your skin and hair are luminous. I am very envious!


sanjeet said...

That is a very cute jacket, but I am actually crushing on your shoes

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Lorena said...

Very pretty jacket, the color is beautiful on you :)