Tuesday, January 5, 2010

She’s Got Both Hands In Her Pocket

This outfit is really similar to something I wore last week. The outfit last week got a comment from a John R. Tate I thought was…interesting. I am going to break it up into parts. John will be in quotes.

“No, just no. Hoodies make a grand light when burned together at night after few shots of Jack. Douse 'em with a few shots as well for a big poof!“

They are also very warm when it’s 30 degrees F outside. And comfy. And cozy. And super functional.

“At some point you'll reach the age when you DEFINITELY cannot revisit youth, then you'll burn the hoodies for sure.“

I doubt it. My father –in-law and mother-in-law as well as my aunt, who are all over 50, still rock the hoodie on cold days. A hoodie is not an age limited garment as far as I can tell. And if at some point I decide they are not for me anymore, as is my right as a woman, I will likely give them to friends or donate them to a charity.

“Lose the skirt as well or go all out and drape yourself with it. I can’t decide if you’re a motorcycle chick or a fem. The outfit needs a little lace and a V-neck. The hair could go as well, but the behind-the-times boyfriend or husband will likely raise a stink. Bangs and a short crop turns this third grader into a first rate hotty.”

I’m sorry…but what? I think you might be missing the whole point. I am neither a motorcycle chick OR a fem. I am me. One of the great things about the modern world (besides DVRs, iPods and eye shadow primer) is that we are not forced to choose to be one thing or another. We get to be whatever we want, wear whatever suits our mood that day. My hair is amazing as is, and I look good in that skirt.

And with that said, another skirt, hoodie and biker jacket combo…

January 5

I pretty much always have a book. Normally they fit in my bag, but I’ve got this one crammed pretty full right now. You can only see “Cheryl” but I also have “The Prophesy of the Sisters”. I just got “Cheryl “ yesterday and I’m super excited to start reading it.

January 5

You can’t really see from the pictures, but this hoodie is the same as the grey one from Old Navy and has the tuxedo shirt style ruffling on the front. I LOVE this style. I think the ruffles are so cheeky on a hoodie.

January 5

I know that bag doesn’t really match so much today, but I decided it was close enough and it’s so rare I get a chance to work it into an outfit I thought I’d just push it and carry it for one more day.

January 5

I just wanted you to see the waist on this skirt. It is odd and totally unflattering, which is why I always wear a jacket or untucked shirt with it. It’s a little roomy in the waist and yet it sits super high. It’s very strange.

Hoodie, Old Navy
Tee, Target
Jacket, old
Skirt, Target
Leggings, Target
Boots, Vintage
Bag, vintage
Earrings, Love Erin Designs
Ear muffs, stolen from husband
Gloves, Target
Books, Cheryl by Sean Smith and Prophesy of The Sisters by Michelle Zink


Cara said...

I'm always so disappointed when I get comments like that. It all starts with: "Someone commented? Someone actually reads me?", and then any criticism just hurts twice as much after that. I personally love the mix of hoodies and skirts. I work in a business place where you can go from the full piece suit to jeans and a hoodie just moving from one cubicle to the next, so I find that hoodies are a fabulous way to jump between the two. And keep the hair... my hair looks bedraggled and thin if it gets much longer than it is, so I live vicariously through yours!

ANA said...

Don't listen to him, you're fabulous! And you changed my life with your purse-changing secrets - I never would have thought pouches could be so useful!


Linda said...

aahaha...this guy obviously spends alot of time on the internet.
I love your hair also...and everyone has their own style. If you feel like a million bucks in it, then fashion is doing it's job. No one will ever 100% like what everyone else wear.
But the hair? To attack the hair?

Sal said...

Wow. What a simultaneously bossy and misguided commenter. I love how you responded both verbally and visually.

Jules said...

It sounds like you have a good attitude about this idiot's criticism. You aren't trying to duplicate someone else and that's one of the reasons I like keeping up with your blog. Keep doing what you're doing - I think you're awesome!

Kimberly said...

Wow, you just gotta love random commenters, don't ya? They make this blogging thing that much more interesting!

I have that same hoodie and love it! Also, bought it in the turquoisey-teal color. You can never go wrong with a hoodie!

Laura said...

Oh, we all know you get dressed in the morning, just itching to find out whether some random guy thinks you're sexy or not.


yotababy said...

I am rolling my eyes at that guy. You are right, he IS missing the point! And yeah, I can't imagine hoodies being non-age-appropriate either. They're like jeans, right? Comfy casual for everybody!

Kate B. said...

I think the skirt is flattering. High waisted and kind of old school.

WendyB said...

Holy crap, that guy put a lot of time into that ridiculous comment. You have too much time on your hands if you can stop by someone's personal blog and leave a pile of shit like that!

Brickhouse said...

You know what? I adore this post! I can almost this Tim Gunn wannabe giving his opinion (sounds nasal-y to me for some reason) and I love the way you answer him point-for-point. Hoodies for life, John! Also, I seem to always identify with you bag and boots the most. And today they are FIERCE. How dare he question your vintage-fu???

Alannah said...

You get the best negative commenters! They're too funny to be taken seriously (but I still have to shake my head and go, "WTF?"), but still... ! *puts hoodie on like a 10-year-old*

I love that skirt (I thought it was vintage until I saw that it's from Target)! You're right though, it is kind of weird/unflattering when you don't have something covering it. Love the way you wore it! And the ruffled hoodie! And the purse!

I can't wait for you to read that book so I can hear if I need it or not. I want to buy it right now but I'll wait for your opinion. <3

Clare said...

Hey "motorcycle fem", way to show 'em! You look fab, by the way. I love your hair pulled back!

Miranda said...

My motorcycle jacket (that I paired NYE with a super fem dress) cam with a hoodie attached. Boosh!

I think you look fab! Love the bag and the boots.

Yan said...

I like the skirt -- super cute pattern, but yes, slightly weird waist. Maybe not as unflattering as you think, though.

And I'm anti-hood, personally (in my early 30s)-- I feel like they are always in the way. But my 70 y.o. mother loves a hoodie of any sort and wears them regularly. Hoods are a matter of personal taste, not age.

Sheila said...

I am actually not a fan of hoodies (for me), but they work for you! And you look great in them!

Screw what that idiot said, and be you, darlin'. He obviously didn't learn any tact growing up, or "If you can't say something nice, don't say nuthin'" (to quote Thumper from "Bambi").

By the way, that skirt is classic early 90s. I used to sell that style/pattern at the store I worked at.

Jodie said...

Oh gah he is silly. I personally love the undressy hoodie and dress combo (although when I wore it in a quite chilly Barcelona one of my friends did not feel it was boy fashioning so much as unfashioning). I love that you're showing me ways to rock up the pretty dresses I own, thanks to you I bought a new leather jacket with detachable hoodie bit that I lurve and would not be without for resturant outings so thanks for showing us all how to break out of the dressy/rocker categories with style.

Love the ear muffs, we have tons selling in the UK at the moment, you should try sourcing some of your own from there if you want a pair

Also seriously your husband is behind the times? He thrifts for you, how much more new age man can you get?

Michelle Zink said...

I stumbles upon your blog because it hit my Google alert and wanted to say thanks for mentioning my book, Prophecy pf the Sisters.

And on another note, love the blog! As someone who totally believes in individual style AND not spending a ridiculous amount on clothing, I'll definitely keep coming back (and will tell my teenage daughter about your site, too).

Plus, I LIKE your outfit - hoodie and all. I mean, I still wear Converse (well, okay, the cheap kind from Payless! But they look the same!), is that not allowed because I just turned 40? For serious?

*rolls eyes*


futurelint said...

Ok, I love everything about this! The earmuffs! The SKIRT! The tuxedo ruffles! THAT BAG! All amazing!

The Bagboy said...

Wow. Just...wow. I hope he enjoys the rest of his life in whatever bland uniform he thinks is appropriate for public wear.

Ashley said...

I love your playful, flowery skirt with all your warm, cozy winter stuff. I have one skirt that's similar to that and I love to wear it the exact same way! XO

Work With What You've Got said...

Michelle, It is always SUCH a thrill to hear from an author you enjoy! I'm so glad you like the blog!

kanishk said...

you're fabulous! And you changed my life with your purse-changing secrets

see through lingerie

Emily Kennedy said...

Bwaa ha ha ha! No helpful input and just telling you what to do. What a nutter!!!

I kind of love that skirt, even though I get what you're saying about the waist. But I think you look really awesome in the pic with the short sleeves. It really works.