Monday, January 18, 2010

I Let the Melody shine, Let it Cleanse My Mind, I Feel Free

I hope you had a wonderful weekend. I had a pretty good one myself. I went to a couple of parties, got a haircut (by which I mean, had the dead ends trimmed, you know how I do) had some friends over to watch excessive amounts of Dollhouse and topped it off last night by watching Julie & Julia with my sweetheart.

The weather has been great. We’ve had the heat off, and last night we took the electric blanket off the bed for the week. We are expecting some temps in the 70s even! I jumped at the chance to wear this tunic again. It was hands down my best score at the swap, and the fact that I also grabbed this jacket, which is the perfect cut to show off the figure flattering cut of the tunic is a great bonus.

January 18

I don’t think the light let the pictures really captured this, but those are my latex leggings. I actually need to do laundry and am out of regular leggings. I briefly considered not wearing this combo, but then I thought, why not? Black leggings are black leggings, these just have a bit more pizzazz to them!

January 18

That bag is huge, and a great shape, but made from this really natural sort of leather. (Nathan said last night that it feels like skin, by which he means people skin. And as creepy as that is, it does. It is so super soft and luxurious.) But it is like a stain magnet. I have not ever carried it much, because of that. And in fact I think I go on and on about it ever time I DO carry it. Last night I treated it with leather wipes, and it took 6 wipes to get the entire bag really well oiled. 6! But I thought about it and maybe I just need to really commit to oiling it every night for a while, perhaps that way I can speed the patina process way up. Is that a crazy idea?

January 18

The necklace I am wearing is a reworking of this necklace

Nov 25

I got bored, as I often do, and removed all the bears from the chain, worked up a pattern with some turquoise beads and had a do over.

January 18

The other necklace was more delicate, and maybe more wearable even, but this one feels more fun, and more substantial, and I like substantial.

Jacket, swap
Tunic, Zara via swap
Tank, Target
Leggings, Target
Boots, Steve Madden via Zappos
Necklace, self made
Bag, Hayden-Harnett


Jamie Michelle said...

Erin, you're so awesome. I read your blog everyday and really look forward to it. I just thought you should know! :)

ANA said...

Your little bears are so cute! I'm so jealous of your nice weather, it is awful over here!

Suz said...

Pretty pretty pretty, love this whole look.

Would you consider the bear necklace to be a fetish necklace? That's what my mom always calls jewelry with Native American style carved animals. I never really understood why they would be called that though.

Have a good week! Love Suz.

Sher said...

I love your tunic!

Lorena said...

That dress looks very good o you.

myedit said...

That bag is delicious...worth the effort I say.
I also watched J&J this weekend with my husband, who fell asleep... kinda makes you question some personal blogger motives...or at least, it made me think...

Alannah said...

I was seriously about to email you last week and ask what happened to your making bears necklace... no kidding! So it really cracks me up that here it is!

I really love this outfit. It's so flattering on you. <3

Also, I haven't had a chance to see more than one or two episodes of Dollhouse from season 2 yet. Argh. Still so sad it's cancelled though! :(

evanadine said...

from reading your blog, i was inspired to start creating some jewelry too! i now have a little jewelry-making stash and gave pieces away for christmas. i havent made a lot, but what i especially love is that i know have the know-how to change up the pieces i own, even if i didnt make them myself -- i never would have thought of that before finding your blog!
thanks lady!

Emily Kennedy said...

Love the tunic. Also, find it weirdly cool that you paired it with latex leggings, and that they're just peeking out between the tall boots and your hem. Very cool.

Clare said...

I ADORE the pattern on that dress, and it matches so beautifully with the necklaces. Perfect with the leggings, too!

Eyeliah said...

Are the leggings comfortable? I want some but they make me nervous.

Jodie said...

That's a really excellent outfit, such a great flaoty tunic top.

Kasmira said...

I like how you've reworked the necklace. It's less charm-like and more native-american-ish. I always prefer larger, bolder pieces myself.

Ashley said...

Love this dress! Yep, loving the warm Dallas weather this past weekend. It's suppose to be gorgeous all week!

futurelint said...

That bag is beautiful - I hope your idea works! Love the bears necklace too!

Jess said...

I still love the little army of bears! They're so cute!

Sheila said...

Ooh, I love this dress on you - smokin'!

I am a Dollhouse junkie - I am SO sad they cancelled it. One more episode to go!