Friday, January 22, 2010

Lean On Me, When You're Not Strong

I’m not going to do a personal style update today. Instead I’m going to tell you about someone in need and ask you to help.

From Wendy Brandes Jewelry Blog…

“I’ve got bad news for you. Blogger Janet of Je Ne Sais Quoi (also known by her blog name, iheartfashion) suffered a tragic loss this week when her husband took his own life. He had been unemployed for a period of time. Janet has two children, ages 7 and 9. She needs some financial help. You can donate any amount of money to her via Paypal by clicking on the “donate now” button in the upper right corner of this blog.

I know everyone is tapped out from donating to Haiti-related causes, so I’m giving you the chance to donate and get something nice back. If you buy one of my Teeny Genie necklaces for $50 plus shipping and applicable taxes, I will donate $35 from every purchase to Janet. Valentine’s Day is coming up. Get an adorable necklace for you or someone you love and help Janet at the same time.”


Please note:
• Genies will cost $61.40 for U.S. priority shipping with delivery confirmation, excluding taxes.
• Additional taxes will be automatically charged to New York State residents.
• I will have to calculate shipping for international locations. After I receive your order, I will figure it out and send you an invoice with the total.
• The genies will start going out Monday and I’ll let you know when yours is on the way.
• I am low on genie-size jewelry boxes and would prefer to send without to keep costs down. If you MUST have a box because this is a gift, send me a note. Otherwise, assume your genie will be free-range. If I send you a jewelry box and use larger shipping packaging, I will be donating $30 to Janet instead of $35."

Please go here to buy the necklace. You can also go here to donate as little or as much as you can. As some of you know, my husband has been out of work for 13 months, so this hits very close to home. I know how hard it can be, both emotionally and financially. I can’t imagine what it would be like if I lost him because of it. If we can help her even a little, make the burden just a little lighter, and the days a little less unbearable and dark, we have to try. Personally, I don’t have much, but every little bit helps, so please donate if you can.


ANA said...

Oh no, how awful!!! I am going to do something similar for my Etsy shpo too.

WendyB said...

Thanks for helping out. XOXO

Alannah said...

Wow, that is so awful and just incredibly sad. I really feel for her and her family. I will definitely donate something.

Rod Cruz said...

So, so incredibly sad... so much that it's impossible to put into words. My heart goes out to her. :(

Elaine said...

I heard the news and this just breaks my heart! This is so nice of you and Wendy.

J. said...

Heart-wrenching. I have a 7-year-old daughter. I will most certainly donate something.

sanjeet said...

I really feel for her and her family.

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