Wednesday, May 6, 2009

At Kellerman’s the friendships last long as the mountain stands…

This top looks like something Penny would have worn while giving Cha-Cha lessons in the gazebo at Kellerman’s. I got a gift card for Admin’s Day and I used it to get a couple of these (this is the Target purchase I showed Tina after hoop group. Ha!)

May 5
(I was pressed for time, and as a result, I took blog pics and talked to my mom on the phone at the same time. Multi-tasking.)

I cannot even tell you how girly and pretty all that flounce made me feel. And I love the proportions of the top with the (overused) denim leggings.

May 5

May 5

I always love when other bloggers pattern mix, but I tend to be a little intimidated of trying it myself. But I think I aced it with this blouse and shoe combination.

May 5

These are the other earrings I made this weekend. I am 99% sure I’m going to add a couple pair to the store. I think they are just perfection, if I do say so myself.

May 5

Blouse, Denim leggings and shoes, Target


Tina said...

Hey I recognize that shirt! Ha!

And yes, you definitely aced the pattern mixing.

Sher said...

Beautiful blouse! Great job on pattern mixing :)

Candycane said...

You do realise I CANNOT stop singing Kellermans song now dammit haha! It's been going around in my head since I saw your title!!

Top's cute ! :D

Oh and btw I loved your key necklace yesterday!

Kyla said...

This is such an awesome outfit - pattern kaleidoscope and all. Every time you where these leggings, I DIE with envy over your gorgeous gams! Those things looked so awful on me, but you can totally rock them!

ohthatgirl said...

Love the pattern mixing and so jealous of your great legs!

Sal said...

Totally aced it - the snakeskin is rockin' with that dreamy floral.

Alannah said...

I don't think I can pull off tops like that because of my chest but they always look fantastic on you!

I'm so glad your work appreciated you for admin's day! Thank goodness. <3

I have no idea what Kellerman's is.

Jess said...

Hoo. Love the reference.

I agree, the flouncy top balances the leggings nicely. I also think the patterns work great together- the shoes look more like a neutral so they aren't competing with each other. I too have a hard time with pattern matching. It's tough!