Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Torn Up About It.

So Saturday I went thrifting with my husband and some friends. I’ll be honest, my husband tends to have all of the thrifting luck in our family. I have found a few really nice things, but overall he tends to have the patience to find the really awesome stuff, and I just don’t. But Saturday I had some pretty amazing luck. I found a couple things I’ve been looking for for a while now, a knee length black leather skirt, and some chains for Sal’s layered necklace look. I also got a couple of really great bags. A vintage slouchy grey cross body leather bag that Erin says looks very Marc Jacobs and a vintage black leather bag with bamboo handle and toggle. Plus a great dress.

I wore the dress, chains and grey bag yesterday and was SO excited to take pics and show you my finds. But I stopped to get groceries on the way home and somewhere in there I snagged the dress on something and it got a huge tear all down the middle of the back. I didn’t even notice until I was on my way out the door with the tripod and Nathan asked what had happened. I was devastated and decided not to take pictures. Honestly I wasn’t even going to tell you about it, because I don’t particularly care for discussing the negative online, but I decided to tell you anyway, because I felt like if anyone would understand how sad I was, it was my fellow fashion bloggers. And I am still kinda sad about it. (Not too sad for a punny title though)

And with that, I’ll move on to pics I do have, which are from last Friday.

May 22

I love this top. I know a lot of people might think it’s too over the top costume-y, but I love it’s bright colors and forgiving cut.

May 22

May 22

I got it, and one like it for my BFF Alannah when I was on vacation in Cabo last year. And I love the shirt not only for the way it looks, but also for the memories.

Some details…

May 22


Blouse, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico – little shop
Denim Leggings, Target
Slingbacks, Old Navy
Bee Earrings, Love Erin Designs (see Etsy widget)


futurelint said...

ohh, that sucks about your new dress... I hate when I ruin things. On the upside, I love that Mexican embroidered top and those earrings are adorable!

Tina said...

Were y'all hitting the 50% off sale at all the Goodwills? I only went to the tiny one on Ross/Greenville, but I really wanted to hit them all. Congrats on the good finds, but I'm sorry that one has already been wounded. Perhaps it can be repaired?

I LOVE your top today. It's not too costumey at all. Maybe if you had a mexican skirt on and were carrying a margarita, but not like this at all. You look great!

And you're wearing those earrings I keep meaning to buy from your Etsy shop! Love 'em! Officially putting them on my "To Buy" list.

Sal said...

Dangit, that is the WORST! Bad enough to tear an old fave, but a new-to-you find that you adore? So sorry, beautiful.

The top is far from costumey and looks amazing with those skinnies ... if that's any consolation!

WendyB said...

Oh man, that's bad luck! So sorry.

Jess said...

Man, that stinks about the dress!

I think the top is adorable with the skinnies and little yellow flats!

estrella said...

The blouse is SO lovely, and flattering too! It brings a lot of light to your face :)

And I totally understand you about the dress... maybe you can add a zipper so that it looks like it never happened?

elena-lu said...

not over the top! i have one in a navy and i swear its on its last threads but i still wear it actually i wore it a couple days ago and its just one of my fave things to pull out and pair with jeans! yours is way cute its such a fun bright color!

Caroline said...

Oh hun! Gutted! Can you make it over into something you love - a bag or a skirt or something?

Hate it when that happens - I once had a silk skirt I wouldn't wear for fear of dirtying. First day out in it I spilled an entire glass of wine all over the lap.

Still, love that top - not too costumey at all, and a great colour on you.

Stephanie N. said...

So sad about the dress! That must have been heart-breaking.

Fashion and more said...

Bought myself a pair of yellow shoes a month ago and now i see yellow shoes everywhere, amazing.
Cute top.

Boutique Girl said...

Sorry about your dress! I love the top!

Trace said...

Awwwwww, I'm so sorry about the dress!

You look fab in that color, and the shoes are so cute, love them!

Alannah said...

I LOVE my blouse! I had put it away for the winter & just dug it out again!

I'm so, so sad about your dress. :( That's awful.

Also, you need to start posting what nail polish colour you're wearing! I can't tell if that's a gunmetal grey or black.

Anusha said...

I'm so sorry about the dress. I hope you can find another one that you will love just as much. I know how it feels when an item of clothing you love so much gets damaged.

I do adore your blouse, I have to say. I got the same one! ^__^ I can't resist colorful embroidery.