Thursday, May 28, 2009

Shark Vertebrae

I love this dress. I want to start by linking the last time I featured it, because Nathan took the pictures (I take 98% of my own pictures, but sometimes I need a little help) and they crack me up, the way he managed to make me look like I have a Jlo behind is priceless.

Dancing Machine

Love it.

No booty shots today!~

May 27

I may not wear this to the office again. No one said anything, but I felt like the low cut + the short length were a little much for the office. What can I say? I woke up late and it seemed like a great idea at the time!

May 27

I’ll give it this, it’s super flattering. I love the cut and the pockets. I’m a sucker for pockets, and I know a lot of you are too.

May 27

That’s one of the new bags I got thrifting Saturday. I wish you could feel the leather. It is SO STURDY. The bag was like 3 bucks. 3 DOLLAS, Yall!~ I was so excited and I just love the bag. The strap is perfect because I can wear it on my shoulder or cross body. Look at the pleating on the corners, so nice.

May 27

And the grey is so pretty. Love it.

May 27

(That’s not a stain, just a piece of tree that I didn’t see when I was taking the picture.) I love these, and I think they look so much pricier than they were. They suede is nice and the details are just adorable. Plus they are comfortable.

OK, so I know I’ve let things go with the Etsy shop. I have several new designs I’d like to get up there but I just have not had the time. This necklace however, is just about awesome enough to get me motivated.

May 27

It’s fish bones. Fish bones!~ The Etsy listing said “shark vertebrae” so it must have been a tiny shark. I just think it looks so organic and fresh.

May 27

I know it’s not for everyone (vegetarians and vegans will not be ordering any I suppose) but I just really like it. It’s delicate and pretty and has JUST the right amount of creepy. What do you think?

Parting shot…

May 27

Dress, Old Navy
Bag, thrifted
Shoes, Target


Sal said...

The dress is so fab, but I know what you mean about the modesty factor. I think you're totally golden, but I've had the experience of thinking an outfit office-friendly in the morning, and coming home feeling all nekkid!

Tina said...

I completely understand about feel appropriate in the morning and not at all by the end of the day. Maybe if you wanted to continue wearing it to the office, you could wear something layered with it.

I still love those flats. So I think they are very inappropriate on you and you should give them to me!

wardrobeexperience said...

very nice dress - again...

Tira said...

Oooh, I love that dress. I have something similar from the Converse One Star collection from Target. I wear a sweater with it sometimes. Very cute on you! And I'm a sucker for pockets too.

Sher said...

I think your neckline is fine. Mine was much lower today :o

Still love the dress, especially the pockets.

Kim said...

Fishbone necklace! That is brilliant.

Monique said...

The dress is really, really cute. I think if you have issues with it, pair it with some leggings/tights (probably not in the summer, though!) Loving the flats too!!

Alannah said...

That looks awesome on you. I always miss the cute dresses at Old Navy!

You're right, I wouldn't personally order anything made from actual animal bones, but I like the way it looks! If they were artificial, I'd be all over it. I can't wait until you start making more jewelry for me to buy~!

Boutique Girl said...

Love that dress!!