Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Back for More

(I have been tagged a few times in the past couple weeks and I plan on getting to that as soon as I can but for now, just a quick outfit post! And I am warning you ahead of time, this was one of those days I just happen to like a bunch of shots, and I’m using most of them ;D )

May 20

The weather here has been really nice. Warm, but not hot (not by Dallas, TX standards anyway) and sunny. I am always struck by how much harder it becomes to dress for the office in nice, warm weather. In the Winter, you can layer and if the office is hot, lose a sweater or pair of socks. But in the Spring and Summer, it’s often sweltering outside and freezing inside. Most days, I end up wearing a cardigan at some point, which I kind of hate. I don’t want to cover up cute Spring outfits! I want to wear dresses and skirts and short sleeve blouses! I want bare legs and sandals! And I don’t want to be cold. Is it like that everywhere or does your office manage a happy medium between out door and indoors temps?

May 20

I compromised with boots this day, because I have already worn this dress several times with a cardigan and I just didn’t want to. I can get away with the boots for a bit more, but in the summer, they will be shelved until at least September, if not October.

May 20

May 20

May 20

I am also going to be resorting to putting my hair up a lot more now! It just gets so hot on my neck when the sun is out. And I always feel more free when it’s up anyway.

Some detail shots…:
May 20

I really must get a better shot of these earrings next time!

And I also did not realize I have never taken a detail shot of the brown bird necklace. How did that happen?

Dress, Target
Boots, Matisse
Necklace and earrings, Love Erin Designs


Tina said...

Hasn't the weather been devine? I'm scared that summer has stayed away for so long.

How do you have your hair up? It looks great!

Jane said...

Lovely print and the boots are perfect.

Sal said...

Such a fun, sassy look. And I have the same woes: Can't wear my summer clothes during the summer because it's like an icebox in my office. Boo!

Kyla said...

I love this outfit and it's soooo flattering! Great boots :)

Jess said...

Great outfit! I particularly love the boots!

My office was the same- everyone usually kept a sweater of some sorts in their cube because it was sweltering outside and often freezing inside. I would forget how hot it actually was outside after just a few hours in my cube- stepping outside was always a shock.

Anonymous said...

Such a pretty dress! Love it.

Kelly said...

I just flat-out do not understand why office buildings are so freaking cold! So many people keep sweaters at their desks or even little space heaters by their feet around here. Who in this office building wants it this cold? We would all be more comfortable AND the company would save some money if they turned the thermostat up a couple degrees.

Kim said...


We don't have air con in my office, or really much in the UK at all unless the office is posh, so we don't have these problems. Right now I am fearing the summer as I have absolutely fuck all in my wardrobe at the moment.

Fashion and more said...

Very cute dress, love the earings too

Boutique Girl said...

Cute outfit! LOVE the earrings!

Kasmira said...

I deal with the same problem in my office. Even worse, though, is the airconditioned bus ride to and from downtown. The drivers have the AC CRANKED! Londyn (Blogfashion) told me once that she almost stopped taking the bus because it was so cold in the summer. Ridiculous!

Stephanie N. said...

You look so hot in that dress!

And the AC problem? Same here. Drives me NUTS. Sometimes I just want to scream at someone: "Don't you understand that you're not helping with this whole global-warming thing, AND I'm freezing my arse off?!?!" I often carry a small fleece blanket in my shoulderbag during my summer commutes. Such a waste.

Alannah said...

Wow, that dress fits you like a glove--it's so flattering! Maybe I haven't noticed before since you said you wear a cardigan with it, but DAY-UM!

Your hair looks adorable like that. I almost wish I had long hair again! Mine wouldn't do that anyway though--ha ha!

wardrobeexperience said...

OMG, you look stunning wearing this dress paired with boots. I love that look!