Tuesday, May 5, 2009

What I Wore Before Hooping with Tina

My co-worker Pilar took my pictures yesterday because I forgot my tripod and I was going to change before I left work for hooping. Even though she reads my blog every day she was giggling at my poses. She said that seeing them on the blog was one thing, but watching me actually DO it was another. I can see that. As a result, I have a super goofy grin on my face in half the pictures because I am laughing at Pilar laughing at me.

May 4

May 4

I’m gaining some control in this next shot…

May 4

And I’ve almost got it…

May 4

This dress is OK. It’s such a pretty print and flattering fit, but it pulls my slip all day and it’s a little too long, but not quite long enough to justify having it tailored. (Oh how I wish I could sew, but I am alarmingly bad at it, trust me).

I made a couple new things this weekend!~ (And am wearing them in the above outfit) Let me know if you are interested in them. I am not adding them to the shop just yet, the wings and the key and just base metal components and I try to use only gold-filled, sterling silver and brass in the store. How important to you is that? It doesn’t really change the COST that much, but it does make some elements a lot easier for me to FIND.

May 4

I think one of the most important elements of this is the chain. I think the long squared off shape just works really well with the key.

May 4

These are just a simple hoop and bead combo, I have some more design-y earrings I am wearing today that I am totally excited to show you. I designed the hoops for a friend at church who thinks she can’t wear big earrings. I made her these as a sort of bigger earring that remains simple and neutral for every day wear.

AND THEN…I met Tina. Jealous? You really really should be. I picked her up (mere blocks away from my own house, so convenient!) and we drove to hoop group. I felt at home with her right away, and she didn't seem to think I was too crazy.

Here we are working it!

“Oh hey! I’m Tina and I’m the cutest beginner here today!”

Tina hooping (this one is my favorite)

Don’t let her tell you any lies, she did really well for a first timer!

And here is me, being a cheeseball and showing my midriff…

EJ Hooping


Double Hooping!

Double Hooping!~

Double hooping is so awesome that once I got the hang of it I immediately ordered a second hoop, which means if you come visit we can totally hoop dance in the back yard.

Dress, Target
Bracelet, Ruche
Boots, Arturo Chang
Earrings and Necklace, www.loveerindesigns.etsy.com


Kelly said...

I like your "goofy" pictures! I have that dress too and I love it. My only gripe is that it doesn't wrap around very much, so when the wind blows it's a thigh show for everyone.

Stephanie N. said...

I'm fascinated about the hoop-dancing. Is this a hobby, or a work-out, or both?

The dress is awesome. I hope you find a way for it to become one that you're comforable wearing often.

eednic said...

i have the jealouses that you met tina, can hula hoop, and hula hooped--with TINA!

>:O >:O >:O

Taylor said...

I LOVE the print of that dress. I want a skirt in that print.

The hula hooping looks fun! Good workout?

futurelint said...

those pictures of you trying not to laugh are so cute! I suck at the hoop, does it help to take a class? I suppose it would also help to have one that is not a bent up one that belongs to my school that I occasionally play with... :)

Tina said...

Well Erin, clearly we are adorable with our hoops! My middle is a little sore today. I think from the friction more than from using my muscles.

I ADORE that dress. If it was still in Target stores (is it new????) I would run right out and buy it, esp after our convo about it being okay to own the same pieces.


How Fun...haven't done any Hulahoop for years! Fab jewelery!!

Lizabeth said...

Those wing earrings? Gorgeous.

Boutique Girl said...

Love the earrings!

Charlotte Sometimes said...

Love the dress and hula hooping looks awesomely fun!

Kasmira said...

I want to come over and hoop!

Sher said...

I don't think I'm coordinated enough to hula hoop :D You and Tina did great!

LOVE that wrap dress!

Alannah said...

LOVE all the new jewelry you're making these days! I am a sucker for cute pieces with keys too. I personally think gold-filled, sterling & brass are very important but that's just my opinion. Why make something really cute that will just tarnish in the near future?

I know what you mean--I see so many cute charms that aren't made out of good metals and it's hard to find better quality ones that are equally cute.

Is your hair in a bun there? Because it looks great from the front. You can rock so many different hairstyles... I'm jealous.