Friday, May 8, 2009

Boob Tube to the Rescue

This dress has been sitting in my closet for a while due to the unbelievable plunge in the neckline. I didn’t want to wear a tank because I wanted a clean line. I went to American Apparel to look for a body suit or something and found this boob tube. Worthless on it’s own (as far as I can tell) and not something I would normally feel a need for, it is a perfect summer substitute for a cami. It covers without adding bulk and it stays in place really well.

May 7

The dress is made of some sort of man made fabric that may or may not be comfortable when it gets really warm. It’s very silky and soft and has a lot of bounce.

May 7

I know a lot of people fear the empire waist, but personally I am a fan. It makes me feel skinny and well proportioned (by which I mean it makes my boobs look big, and I like for my boobs to look big because I grew up so flat chested and frankly, I am still excited just to HAVE my big-girl boobs). And the length on this one is perfect!

May 7

Have you noticed the adorable bag yet?

May 7

Nathan got it for me at a thrift store, and it really brings home Sal’s post about thrifting current trends.

May 7

The shape, color and style of this bag are all trendy right now. I’ve seen a similar bag in Target. And yet this one is vintage Stuart Weitzman, real leather and not fake, and the little gold detail is actual metal mesh, not just cheap fabric ribbon. It's current, classic, well made, and Nathan paid less for it than I would have paid for the cheap version at Target. It is so nice and cute that I admit that when he gave it to me yesterday I built this outfit around it.

These shoes came to me via the Urban Outfitters website. I watched them from the original price point of over $100 until they came down to $30, and then I snatched them up. The heels are solid wood, the footbed is padded leather and the straps are super soft leather. They have aged very gracefully and actually look nicer now than when I bought them!

May 7

To top it off, they are comfortable and they make my feet look tiny.

Red bra tube, American Apparel
Shoes, MIA
Earrings, Target, modified by me
Bag, Stuart Weitzman vintage and thrifted


just my style said...

Love the dress, love the bag, love the shoes! PERFECT!!!

Sal said...

The tube top is the PERFECT solution for that dress, which makes you look ravishing.

And what a sweet husband you have to thrift on your behalf.

Mary said...

I love love love the dress-- so cute!

Tina said...

I don't think I have seen you in such vibrant primary colors before. You look great! I can't imagine that Rand would brave the thrift stores to buy me a purse, and he's a sweetheart, so obiously you've got a real gem of a husband!

We should go thrifting? Where do you like to go?

eednic said...

love the dress, love the boob tube, love the shoes, love the purse. LOVE IT ALL!

i don't much care for my big girl boobs. probably cuz i've had them since puberty and find them embarrassing. you may have some of mine thanks.

Taylor said...

I LOVE that particular color blue! Lookin' good as always.

Sher said...

What an awesome bag! The contrast color on your tube top makes the dress stunning :)

Anchibride said...

That's a rad outfit! The handbag is a steal ... I just love thrift store handbags! I love vintage bag design for their perfect size.

And the shoes are to die for!

Rachael said...

What a thoughtful hubby! You look absolutely stunning.

hello jamie: said...

love the dress (but agreeably, I would want it in cotton... that flow-y man-made stuff makes me sweaty)-- the colors are great on you.

do you wear the boob tube over a bra? how do you keep them up where they're supposed to be? as a girl who's had her big girl boobs since she was 11, inquiring minds want to know.

hello jamie: said...

ps> your feet ARE tiny. you don't need shoes to make them appear that way.

Stephanie N. said...

This dress is so pretty on you! Honestly, I think this is one of my favorite things that I have seen you wear. Hooray for the boob tube!

Connie said...

1. Very pretty.
2. Where can you get big girl boobies? After 2 kids and an extra 15lbs that won't let go you'd think I'd have them by now. But no.
3. I need a make over.
4. Sigh.

Kim said...

Lovely lovely lovely! I am so into blue right now it's unbelievable. Especially bright blues and bright reds, because it looks like superheroes.

I too am usually a fan of the empire waist, especially due to the weight flux I've had from giving up smoking. But recently someone mistook me for a pregnant woman on the Tube so I'm sworn off until I feel better. It's not like I've gotten huge at all, but I think the flat shoes, bad mood and the waddle I was sporting from over-exerting myself during the previous day's workout also attributed. Either way, worse nightmare realised, amirite?

Jess said...

Boob tube. Hee hee!

Love the dress and tube though! The colors/pattern on the dress are such a nice combo. And the ruching on the boob tube add a nice extra touch!

I have a dress in a similar cut and I love it as well. Just so nice and easy to throw on!

Tina said...

Hi, Erin. Don't know if you have gotten this from anyone else, but I tagged you for the prom pics thing. I can't wait to see your old pictures!

futurelint said...

That dress is amazing! You look really good in that cobalt blue! Score on the bag and shoes too!

Dannybrou said...

So cute. =)