Friday, May 29, 2009

I Miss Isaac

I don’t recall the last time I got SO MANY compliments on my dress. Which is funny because it sort of photographs “blah”.

May 28

Both the dress and shoes are Isaac Mizrahi for Target. I really miss his stuff. Sure, a lot of it was more "ladies who lunch" than is typically my style but some of it was greatness. I got this dress last year for my brother’s Rehearsal Dinner and I thought it was perfect. The cotton is SO light and the fit is very flattering.

May 28

I’m not typically a pink girl, but the pattern on this dress is really spectacular and I love the way the colors all go together.

May 28

It’s basically the same cut in the front and the back, which seems odd, but works for the dress.

May 28

May 28

These sandals were one of my best buys last summer.

May 28

The bronze color is perfect for both gold and silver accessories, it’s not over the top. I also love the texture of them. AND they are super comfortable. called them gladiators but I think they are more of a plain old sandal. Regardless, beautiful and function. (And Alannah, it's gun metal grey polish! It's Essie, but I forgot to see what color. What makes it look strange is that I start with a DEEP purple by L'Oreal that is one of those "one coat" things with the giant wide brush, because I am lazy and that makes for fewer coats of grey.)

May 28

Yay!~ I made the key necklace of course, but I found all of the chains at a thrift store for less than 3 bucks each. Some of them were only 99 cents!~ As soon as I saw them I was reminded of Sal’s tutorial video which I don’t remember in full, but I do remember coming away with the idea that I could get a statement necklace look by buying at the thrift store. It really stuck with me and I never would have even thought to look I don’t think, so THANKS Sal.

Dress, Isaac Mizrahi for Target
Sandals, Isaac Mizrahi for Target
Key necklace,
Chains, Thifted


Sal said...

I can see why you got a flood of compliments - you look smashing! And I miss Issac, too. Those were the days ...

WendyB said...

Very cute dress! Great color for you.

Monique said...

The necklace(s) are awesome! I've made some earrings that remind me of the necklace. Also, the pattern of that dress is amazing! I love the color on you!

Suz said...

I've been reading your blog for a few months now and I love it! How do you get your ponytail to be so perky? Or is it in a claw clip back there? Enlighten me.

Jane said...

Great dress - you are right it fits you so well. And lovely sandals.

Alannah said...

Thanks for the polish info!!

That dress is awesome. Before you posted the close-up photo, I thought maybe there was a kind of middle eastern/Indian pattern on it because it almost looks like brocade from a distance. SO pretty! I was surprised to see you in pink but I really like it!

allison said...

I love that dress! I always find that designer collaborations with Target are a hit or miss. I thought Rogan would be terrible, but it was amazing. Alexander McQueen on the other hand? Disaster! I used to travel to the nearest Target, but now I shop them through I get cash back, and special coupon codes!

Taylor said...

I too can see why you received so many compliments! What a great dress!

Anusha said...

Such a gooooorgeous dress! You look really good in it. I adore the colors too. Great choice!

Deborah-lee said...

You're such a creative soul! Fabulous use of op shop bargains on that necklace. I'll be having a closer look at my local charity store next time!

Love the sandals too. I wish I could find such wonderful bargains!

Candycane said...

Lovely - it looks great from the back too :)