Friday, May 1, 2009

Just a dress

I want to love this dress. It’s flattering, it’s a pretty color, the fabric is really nice. But I just feel very “meh” about it.

April 30

I know it’s a nice dress, I just don’t particularly care for the way it looks on me. I feel boring.

April 30

I think I might sign up for the swap group over on flickr and start with this dress. It’s not worthless, and I’ve seen other girls look quite cute in it, but I think it’s just somehow not my style.

April 30

I do love these shoes though. I have them in black as well, and the black are leather while these are not. I do wish they were leather but they are comfortable and cute, and they have held up really well.

April 30

This skull bead necklace is another one I made because I was bored with my outfit options. I often make a new piece of jewelry to wear and then build an outfit around that when I am bored or uninspired. It’s really nice to be able to do that and it gives me somewhere to start on an otherwise uninspired day.

April 30

I plan to replace some of the cheaper looking gold chain when I get my chain order in, but overall I really love how it came out.

April 30

I have a bracelet on each wrist because I over compensate with this dress, I try to accessorize my way into feeling good in it.

April 30

April 30

But I really think it’s time to just give up on it. Or perhaps put it away until winter and see if I can come up with a better way to wear it then. Or maybe just swap it. ;)

Dress, bow flats, cuff bracelet and bag, Target
Watch pendant,
Bird necklace and skull multi-chain necklace,


Anonymous said...

I have this dress and I know what you mean that it's nothing exciting for the person who is wearing it. It looks cute on you, though! I've tried wearing it with a wide, waist cinching style belt on top of the gathering and that looks alright. What about layering a cropped blazer or cardigan over it?

Kelly said...

I think the dress looks adorable and is flattering, but I can see how it's not your normal style.

Alannah said...

It reminds me of a plainer version of the awesome blouse you got me from Mexico, so I like it based on that alone (ah ha ha)! I think it is really cute on, but I wouldn't have said it was your "style", necessarily. I think it shows in the pictures that you don't love it because you look a little unsure/unexcited (I just made that word up). I wouldn't have thought much about it if you didn't write about how you felt though!

LOVE the necklace--wow! You really need to make more stuff like that for us hardcore fans of your work to buy in your store~!

Kasmira said...

You definitely must swap this dress. Hmmm...maybe to me? :)

Seriously, give me a heads up if you send this to the swap group!

Courtney said...

Have you thought about layering something more interesting over the dress like the gals from Fashion for Nerds or Fab Finds for Under $50? Maybe a light weight cardigan and a belt or a funky vest?

Deva said...

I love the color on you, you look great in this dress.

I too have this dress but since I picked up on at the thrift mine is a very boring black. Know what you mean about the wearing of it. I have just started to take pics of my outfits so I don't have one of me wearing this, but I feel less than inspired when I wear mine too.

I added you to my blog list, hope you don't mind. Your sense of style is so inspiring to me, and your jewelry is wonderful.

Anonymous said...

I love it! The color is my favorite :-)

What about adding some textured armwarmers instead of the bracelet, or wearing it over some black skinny jeans?

...I think this is my first time commenting on your blog, too. I've been reading it for a couple weeks now and added it to my RSS reader :-)

Sal said...

It's a pity, lady - the color is amazing on yas.

Anonymous said...

aw, you look cute in it, but i agree, it's a little plain on it's own (I have it too). I like to use it as a layering piece and put more exciting cardigans/vests on top, like here.

Taylor said...

I am normally anti-skull across the board but that necklace is the exception! It's fantastic.

Tina said...

I have that dress! Here is my take on it

Clearly I like it since I own it, but I have to agree that it doesn't seem to be very "you" so I think you should send it to the swap. Or maybe see if you can toughen it up some. Maybe with your black leather biker jacket?

And I love your new necklace!

Deborah-lee said...

I love that colour on you. Perhaps it needs a pop of colour though as it's a fairly neutral shade of blue.

It might even look with all black accessories. I can imagine you looking hot hot hot with that dress, your black Old Navy wedges and a bright handbag (maybe one with a hippy kind of vibe with a load of colour). It would look great with a bold necklace or two or a funky scarf.

wardrobeexperience said...

I love the snake-bracelet!!!! Last year I suddenly started collecting animal-jewelery. My jewelery case looks like a tiny zoo... But I still haven't found a nice snake to loop around my wrist.

Cyn said...

I have the same dress in forest green, and when a co-worker said I looked like a someone out of a Grimm Fairytale the dress went to the back of the closet.

Swap it. I couldn't get it to work either- I usually wear it with flats (it's too short with heels for work) but it's something about the poofiness of the skirt coupled with the waistline that gives it that "Little Dutch Girl" look on me. I'm pretty sure you and I are about the same size (I may be a bit shorter) and I just couldn't give it "that edge."

Sher said...

You might try a belt where it is gathered. Or like Tina said, add a leather jacket :) I really like the color on you.

Becca said...

You're right that the dress is okay, but not great. It's missing something. Based on the jewelry, you seem like a crafty gal, I'd suggest adding some embroidery. You can seriously add some interest in one night. I've used these patterns before and it's super super easy:

Milly said...

love the layered necklaces!