Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Floral and Snakeskin

I decided to wear this dress unbelted this time because my friend Holly wore it that way on Record Store Day and I thought it looked very casual and comfortable that way.

May 11

Pretty much the only time all day I took the cardigan off was when I went for a quick walk in the sunshine on an afternoon break and when I took these pictures. My office is so cold I suspect I’ll be wearing cardigans all summer.

May 11

May 11

Some people were not on board with the pattern mixing today. I wish you could see the details of how the earrings and the shoes looked a little better in the full outfit pictures. I wasn’t sure at first but in the end I really liked it. I’m going to treat snakeskin as a neutral for a while and see if it works as often as I think it might.

May 11

May 11

I was worried when I ordered these shoes that the zipper at the heel would be irritating. But they put a little patch of suede in there to keep it from rubbing your foot. Genius!

May 11

One more shot of them, not in the grass so you can see them better. Even though the shots in the grass are prettier!

May 11

Love Love Love these earrings.

May 11

They are Goth enough to be fun, but not too over the top for the office (well, MY office) or my age. Lucinda would hate them. XOXO

Cardigan and dress, Target
Shoes, Victorias Secret
Earrings, http://www.persephoneplus.etsy.com/


Sal said...

Wait, snakeskin isn't a neutral? Dack!

Stephanie N. said...

I think you have just sold me on the Gladiator sandals trend. I haven't seen any that I thought were pretty until now.

Sher said...

I know a guy who would love your earrings LOL!

Your layered looks are so pretty yet comfortable :)

Jess said...

A zipper? Genius! The difficulty (real or perceived) of getting in and out of gladiator style sandals is a big turn off for me, but the look has grown on me tremendously over the last few months.

Again, I like the snakeskin with the floral- your shoes are so far away from the dress anyway. It might not be a combo that would work on everybody, but you are pulling it off!

Tina said...

I think this color of snakeskin definitely counts as a neutral. It complements your dress quite well.

And I agree about the zipper. I hate having to buckle into shoes, but if I could just zip into them, I'm sold. I wonder if VS makes them for big ankles...

Mary said...

Those sandals are faaantastic! I agree-- I've never been a huge fan of the gladiators, but those are absolutely gorgeous!


Sher said...

When you get the chance, stop by my blog and pick up your award ;)

hello jamie: said...

the snakeskin is totally a neutral. although I might not be the right person to ask. :)

Fashion and more said...

Looking fresh and summery.

Kim said...

Another dangerous jewellery shop recommendation! Damn you! I got my stuff from Ruche the other day and it's lovely, but dang that cuff scratches the inside of my wrist. Won't stop me, though.

I will never ever ever ever be sold on gladiators. I don't like how flat they are and I cannot cope with exposing that much of my feet. Those are a nice pair though.

Pip pip!

Milly said...

Cute dress...love the snakeskin gladiators!....my office is always freezing i need a cover up all summer long in here

Boutique Girl said...

They are very nice shoes!

Tina said...

It made me very sad that there wasn't a post from you yesterday. I'm an addict. Gimme more! LOL

I've tagged you for a blog award: http://tminustplus.blogspot.com/2009/05/thank-you.html

Anchibride said...

That is the most adorable dress! I love that tiered style. And I'm crazy about those sandals! I just got a pair with a similar zipper-back ... so much easier to put on and take off. I also like how you paired the goth-y earrings with this. Kewl!

Sher said...

Missing your posts :(