Monday, July 20, 2009

Fashion Blog Inspired

The way the sleeves on the cardigan are shorter than the sleeves on the blouse is totally something I tried because of fashion blogging. I’m not sure if it’s something I’ve actually seen on a blog or if it’s just something I knew to try because you guys will try anything, but I do know I would not have tried it before.

July 9

I was really happy with how it came out. I liked pretty much everything about this outfit. I felt like the proportions on everything were really good.

July 9

And I just love that pop of sleeve coming out of the cardigan.

July 9

These bird skull earrings are so great. They are classy and arty,but have a bit of edge to them.

July 9

July 9

So I love love love this necklace. It is perfection in my opinion.

July 9

And yet I have sold zero of them. I always find it really strange and slightly disconcerting when I really think a piece is great and it doesn’t sell at all. On the one hand it keeps the piece a one of a kind (or in this case two of a kind as I made one for a friend as a gift). On the other hand it does tend to make me doubt the design just a bit and only for the briefest periods of time. I’m sure other jewelry designs have similar things happen sometimes.

July 9

The bunny pendant was the perfect necklace shape and size for this look, but it is hollow and it banged up and down on the button on the cardigan all day long. It looked great but it drove me nuts. I think I’ll avoid the paring in the future.

July 9

Sweater, blouse, tank, denim leggings and shoes, all Target
Bunny pendant, Haute Hardware at Etsy
Bone bead necklace, Love Erin Designs at Etsy
Bird Skull earrings, Moon Raven Designs (mrd74) at Etsy


Lemondrop Marie said...

I hate that button banging- happens to me all of the time with longer necklaces b/c I am short! Love the shoes, they are cute and a great color.

WendyB said...

Sometimes it's surprising what sells and what doesn't! I always expect the unexpected.

just my style said...

I agree with you, the look is great. Sleave popping is a must!

Fashion and more said...

everything ties up nicely together. dark colors suit you, but really everything does :o)

Stephanie N. said...

I concur, the pop of sleeve definitely works!

estrella said...

I like the outfit too :)

Alannah said...

I absolutely love that necklace & would've bought one if it weren't bone! I think you are often ahead of the curve and it takes people a while to "catch up"... you're kind of a fashion visionary in my opinion!


eednic said...

i like that look too with the shirt peeking out from underneath the cardigan! and i also love your shoes and think perhaps i need to borrow them.

Kim said...


I love all your necklaces equally and I couldn't give a favourite, but that one really helps break things up when there's a lower neckline and it has a lovely swing to it. Everyone else is missing out, but actually I <3 that we're the only two people IN THE WORLD who has one.

Another vote over here also for loving those shoes. I think I've commented on the shoe love before actually.

K said...

That necklace is my favorite! Though the shark vertebrae and the recycled necklace are in a tie for second favs :)

Linda said...

Yeah I have no idea how people sell on etsy. I made two sales in my first week and thats been all so far. I have had people looking at my items but no is disconcerning, I agree

The Thrifty Stylist said...

if i let no sales inform my opinions of whether my stuff is pretty, i'd be a sad, sad girl with a conviction that i can't design. HOWEVER, i just try to chalk it up to different tastes... not everyone can have as AWESOME style as us right? heh :)

Sal said...

The peeking sleeves? Brilliant. If I had more florals, I'd try to copy ya.

Kayla said...

Its suprising to me too because that is probably one of my favorite pieces. If it wasn't for my shopping ban and my trying to save money I woul dbe all over buying it. Than there would be a few of your rare piece, but it would be the only one in New York.

Tina said...

Sleeve peeking is a wint. You look great!

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Mackensie Blackwell said...

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