Saturday, July 18, 2009

I Don’t Actually Listen to Metal

(So many entries for the giveaway. So many lurkers coming out. I love it!)

This is one of my favorite looks. An over the top vintage metal tee and skinnies.

July 15

If I’m not sure what to wear, I choose this.

July 15

It’s a great fall-back outfit for me. I wore the same outfit two days in a row actually. On day one, the day pictured, I wore it for girls night at a piano bar with Erin. (And to be honest I swapped those heels for flats before I left.) The second time, the next night, I changed the shoes to grey ankle boots and added a cardigan and scarf for a trip to the cinema to see Harry Potter and the Half Blood Prince.

July 15

That shirt is actually realllllly gross when you look at it.

July 15

Love Love love these and they were so cheap for handmade!

July 9

July 9

So I liked the look of these shoes, I did. And if life were more like a NYLON fashion layout I would have been comfortable wearing them to meet Erin, but as life is not a NYLON shoot, I felt like they took the outfit just a little bit over the top, even for me.

July 15

But they looked really good in photos, so I left them.

July 15

July 15

Tee, Vintage
Pants, Target
Shoes, Target
Bird Skull earrings, Moon Raven Designs (mrd74) at Etsy
Bangle, Target
Razor blade bracelet, Love Erin Designs @ etsy
Necklaces, self made
Sunglasses, Target


Kayla said...

That is an amazing shirt!

This is coming from a girl who really only listens to heavy metal though. Hehe.

Great look. I love skinnies and baggy t-shirts.

Stephanie N. said...

Metal listener or not, it truly suits you. Seriously, the thought of wearing skinny jeans with zippers makes me shudder (perhaps in a remembering-mom-wearing-them way), but they look SO GOOD on you. Especially with that nutty tee. Better than many Nylon mag layouts.

WendyB said...

Great shoes -- the jeans remind me of ones I loved in the '80s!

Fashion and more said...

You are looking very nice.

Sher said...

That razor blade goes well with the T! LOL!

Love those zipped jeans!

SHOEGAL said...

You look fab - love the shoes!
Did you just get lenses or can you see OK without your glasses?

Jodie said...

Love the shoes - I ahve a pair like that in leopard print and I love 'em because they totally fit with my trashy/rocker side. Unfortunately the heels kill so I usually have to resort to my chunkier 'girafee' print heels for animal print. I had a pair of zebra flats but the fur effect wore off really quick (yes I am tragically addicted to animal print shoes of late).

The Thrifty Stylist said...

oh my god those shoes. wow, wow, wow. you do rock the metal T and skinny jeans awesomely :D

Tina said...

You're taking me back to the 80s!

What did you think of HP6?

wardrobeexperience said...

OMG. you're looking excellent with this outfit. rock n roll!
I love tour shirts...