Sunday, July 19, 2009

Love Erin Designs

Love Erin Designs

I updated the store. I added a few really great new things, please have a look.

Chunky Turquoise Necklace

Chunky Coral Necklace

SNake Charm

Razor Bracelet

Horn Earrings

Horn and Turquoise Earrings

Wing Necklace

Horn Necklace


SarahB said...

It probably shouldn't, but that razor blade amuses me greatly. I'd like to see it as a necklace too.

Alannah said...

LOVE the new stuff! I can't wait until I can buy a bunch of it (hopefully in a couple of weeks)!! <3

Tina said...

Great new designs, Erin!

D'Et said...

Yay! Love the stuff!

I will definitely be making some time this week to do some Etsy shopping and you're on the top of my list. :)

Linda said...

I really like that snake necklace. It reminds me of the pendant from "The Neverending Story".
Am I alone on this one?