Thursday, July 2, 2009

This Was Mostly About the Shoes, Really.

When I got home last night and set about taking pictures in the back yard it just didn’t go well. You’d think after all this time I’d be able to get a good shot easy as pie, but yesterday I ended up cutting off my head in all but one picture. Such is life I guess, and really it’s not such a huge tragedy. This outfit is not anything new, I’ve just changed up the accessories I choose.

July 1

I got these little tassels from a jewelry supply just to make earrings from. Most of the time the less than basic supplies I buy, I buy because they inspire me, and then I figure out what to do with them once I get them. But these just wanted to be earrings from the start.

July 1

I have been searching for a cool pin for ages. I love the way Tina and Kasmira wear them, but I wanted to make sure I found one that was right for me. Vintage, maybe a slight military feel and cheap, in case it turns out I’m not such a pin wearing girl after all. At all of 3 bucks, this double lion head pin fit the bill just fine.

July 1

Unfortunately the picture that best captured the pin, also best captured my biggest problem with that purple jacket, which is that it picks up every piece of lint, dirt and dust within a 10 foot radius. If anyone has any suggestions on how to deal with that, I’d love to hear them!

Another less than 5 dollar vintage piece…

July 1

And now for the shoes. It was mostly about the shoes.

As you know, my husband and I are feeling the economic crunch. One or both of us has been unemployed since last November. That’s a long time. And as a result, we are pretty broke. And I need new jeans (I promise, I am going to get to the shoes!). Because we are broke, I’ve been trying on jeans at thrift stores, Ross, and second hand stores. And as I’m sure you can guess, I am having a really tough time finding a pair that fits both my behind and my needs. And it is really starting to get me down. After a particularly brutal fitting room session at Ross, I wandered into the next door Payless. Where I planned to try on shoes (which I do sometimes just for fun), to boost my self esteem a bit. Because shoes pretty much always fit.

And there they were. Alice and Olivia. Marked down to $15 for $38. And so ridiculous. Unnecessary. And stunning.

July 1

And I never ever would have even considered them at $38. They are just not practical. But at $15 I had to have them. Irresponsible, a bit, sure. But all in all a $15 splurge is something I can live with, and the results? Well. They were totally worth it. I felt so pretty and tall and thin and funky all day.

July 1

So thank you Alice and Olivia, you made my day.

July 1

Jacket, Target
Tank, Target
Pants, Wal-Mart
Shoes, Alice and Olivia for Payless
Lion Pin, Vintage
Buckle bracelet, vintage
Earring, self made


Linda said...

Yep I would have planned my outfit around the shoes too.
Thanks for posting on my blog totally made my day.

Tina said...

You look top notch today! I am coveting your brooch and bracelet. COVETING!

Alannah said...

Wow, that outfit is so cute & stylish and different. I absolutely love those shoes on you. They look so comfortable too! I feel the same way about jeans. No matter what size I am at any given time, trying them on ruins my self-esteem. I avoided jeans altogether for years just for that reason! <3

Jasie VanGesen said...

I love the earrings! Those are ingenious.

I just stumbled across your blog yesterday and I just wanted to say hi, so I wouldn't be the creepy lurker girl who never officially said hi but just started commenting one day.. heh.

I'm still trying to wrap my head around this post from sunday. Those Jeffrey Campbell sandals are a must-have for me. Where did you get them and do you know of anywhere online that has them? Or atleast what the name of the specific shoe was? I've been looking around online and finding nothing and it's breaking my heart.

Anonymous said...

Love the shoes Erin!!! And the earrings are gorgeous as well.

Have your tried spraying Static Guard on your jacket before wearing it? A small can is inexpensive, and it smells gross, but I usually spray it on outside on all clothes that are either audibly static-y or else attrac lint like there's no tomorrow.

Jess said...

New shoes have super powers- don't ever let anyone try and tell you different!

I like the craziness of the shoes paired with the demure jacket- makes for a very interesting outfit!

I have no help for your lint issue- I too am often linty. I just try to remember where I hide the lint rollers and accept my lintyness.

Sal said...

WELL worth the $15. Those are magnifico!

K said...

I love that jacket. I was totally going to buy it at Target but I don't think they have my size online anymore :) And the shoes are a perfect match!

Stephanie N. said...

Hello, lovely shoes! I would not be able to wear shoes like that because my feet are so fussy, but they are so very "you." They're pretty amazing.

Shopaholic said...

woah! shoes, but not leaving out the gorgeous jacket. I love it.

Sher said...

Love your unique jewelry and shoes! I posted a link to your Etsy shop today ;)

Charlie said...

Those shoes are too cute - love!

myedit said...

For $15? Nice... why do I feel like the payless by my house would have nothing that cool? I love the watch strap bracelet too!

Audi said...

You're pretty much killing me with the awesomeness of those shoes.

SHOEGAL said...

Great shoes and I love the purple jacket!

watergirl82 said...

I loved for that jacket at my local Target for ages but never saw looks great on you, love the color.

wardrobeexperience said...

the lion pin, the lion pin, the lion pin....looks incredible! I want this lion pin!
Someday, if you don't like it anymore, would you send it to me, please!
; )

Corrine/Frock And Roll said...

Absolutely gorgeous :) You have FABULOUS accessories!

BAM said...

The pin and shoes are fantastic!

The Thrifty Stylist said...

i hadn't heard of that brand at payless... hope i can find something this cute. these are very "me" too with the purpleness and the leopard... oh my. girly punk. it's my favorite. lovely!!

Work With What You've Got said...

I got them at Urban Outfitters last year.
I have not tried that. I didn’t realize it would work for lint as well, but I’ll give it a try!

Milly said...

love those shoes!