Thursday, July 23, 2009

Oh Hi!, I Stole Your Style

Oh Hi Stephanie N! I stole your style.

I bought this fabulous necklace from orangyredink at Etsy, just like you.

July 22

My husband has always wanted me to get a chest piece, but it’s not going to happen. This felt like a good compromise. It’s custom and totally adorable.

I wore it like this:

July 22

July 22

July 22

Tee, American Apparel
Skirt, Thrifted
Pumps, Target
DADA Bracelet, MOMA (NYC)
Silver bangle, gift
Necklace, orangyredink at Etsy


WickedThrifty said...

yeah i think i may have to be stealin' that style, too. how cute! i have friends with great chest pieces but i just can't bring myself to do anything to mar the girls permanently, you know?
you look terrific as always!

Tina said...

You are rocking the casual tough look.

Kyla said...

You look great! That skirt is so awesome.

Kelly said...

LOVE this. I am stealing it. I've seen more elaborate ones on Super Kawaii Mama and a couple other blogs, but I wasn't feeling the big ones - they look great, but I would always feel like I had to play down the rest of the outfit to wear them. Yours is the perfect size.

Also, I always love those snakeskin heels.

A said...

Ahhh, congrats on 100 followers! So cool.

I LOVE that necklace. Amazing!

Sal said...

It's fantastic! I wonder how Husband Mike would feel about such an adornment ...

Nana Erin said...

OK, kids. I have tried to find where Super Kawaii Mama wore one but I dont see it, so if you remember I'd love a link!

Unknown said...

Perfect for people who change their mind ;) me LOL!

Love those snake skin pumps!

Stephanie N. said...

Hah! Love it. You can steal my style any time you like!

Stephanie N. said...

P.S. Did you surprise him, or did he know it was coming? If it was a surprise, I want to hear about his reaction!

Lisa said...

been reading for a while -- love your blog :) i know you mentioned what kind of american apparent t you're wearing here, but i tried on one of their v-necks and it looked like CRAP on me. what is it that you're wearing? the bagged version?? i want it!

SarahB said...


Nana Erin said...


It was a surpirse. He sort of laughed a bit and nodded and said "Oh, really cool", which is about as excited as he ever gets, so he loved it.


the top I wear is the tri-blend vneck, which is style number TR456
and is normally on a hanger. I actually find the bagged ones really unflattering on me as well.



Lisa said...

Thanks for the info on the vneck! Yeah - that's the one I tried on and it looked terrible on me :( Either too baggy, or too weird around my midsection. It looks faboo on you though!

BAM said...

ha! I have a necklace from orangyredink too! I stole the idea from byhillary. You can see mine here:

I love it and she made it so quickly. Can't encourage people enough to contact her for one.

todds_wife said...

That neckless is sah-weet, coolest thing I've seen in a while!!
Congrats on hitting 100 followers on the blog!

Rachael said...

Smokin, as always! I'm just about to order one of those awesome necklaces myself.

Londyn said...

Lovin the shoes!

hillary said...

heee, I found this via my blog stats. I love it and that one was actually the next one I wanted!