Monday, June 15, 2009

Art of Happiness

So my favorite artist also happens to be my next door neighbor. I bought two of his pieces at a show a while back before we really knew each other. I now have 4 total. I just adore his style. It is at once happy, bright, and fun as well as dark, desperate and sad. Saturday we went to a showing of his work in Oak Cliff.

Some of his work can be found here:

Only one of my personal collection is on the site, on the last page, the piece called “Purge” .

You can see the piece he did specifically for my husband and I just to the left of me in this photo from last winter:

Jan 09

It is one of my top 5 possessions.

Here is what I wore to the show. I loved this outfit.

June 13

It was casual and comfortable but dressy enough to feel good.

June 13

I also love that the dress is simple enough that the focus is on the fabulous handmade bag Erin at Haute Hardware made and the necklaces from both our shops. (Love Erin Designs and Haute Hardware at Etsy)

June 13

These are the MOST comfortable shoes. These were a bit pricy to be honest but I feel like they were money well spent.

June 13

I would be remiss not to include this photo of me making fun of my own fashion blog.

June 13

*ETA* Here I am with the artist and one of my paintings! The little one in the middle of us is mine.


Dress, mark
Bone Bead Necklace, Love Erin Designs at Esty
Bunny pendant, Haute Hardware at Etsy
Wood Bracelet, Taget
Snake Bracelet, Urban Outfitters
Bag, Haute Hardware Etsy
Shoes, Victoria's Secret

(The Urban Outfitters thing…it’s mostly political and I’d rather not get into a huge debate about it, AND I’d be lying if I said I’ve done a ton or research outside of one article I saw in passing… but the owner seems to be claiming to support gay rights while donating to a candidate that opposes them. I am not a fan of hypocrisy OR hate.)


Sal said...

You look smokin', lady!

Candycane said...

Gorgeous love the pics where you a re laughing - so natural and beautiful!

The Thrifty Stylist said...

you look HOT! love your tat. what a cute painting too!

two things:
re: urban outfitters, very interesting. i am boycotting this wine company (who makes smoking loon) for the same reason (well, anti-choice and anti-gay-marriage donations) to the tune of 2 million!: )

in other news, you've been awarded a "lovely blog" badge :D

Tina said...

Erin, you look amazing in your photo where you are making fun of your blog. You just look so radiant!

inflammatory writ said...

That dress is fa-bu-lous. BTW - I read your blog always, but never became a proper follower for some reason. I changed that finally! hi hi! xxoxox -Kari

Stephanie N. said...

How awesome that you live next to an artist whose work you admire. His style is remarkable. I love the incorporation of wood grains.

Charlotte Sometimes said...

I just went to his website and those pictures are sooooo cool!
Tell him I think he's awesome!

Alannah said...

I am a huge fan of Nathan's work from what I've seen (and the pieces you own make me SO jealous)! He should be hugely famous and putting his art all over purses & clothes that I could buy... that's just my opinion! ;)

I can't get over how great that dress looks on you. The bag and shoes are perfect with it too. <3

Fashion and more said...

You looking great, think i will join your followers :o)

Sher said...

You look beautiful!

MissRedLips said...

great pictures and outfit! you can tell how comfortable you are in your clothes-you are wearing them-not the other way around now. and my gosh i love those shoes!! :-)

Shopaholic said...

My daughter and I love your site - from all the way over here in the UK...
Love this combo, you look comfortable yet sassy! Nice one!

hello jamie: said...

OK I really really love that dress; I love strapless dresses in general. How do you keep it up and comfortable? We have the same size boobs and I always feel saggy. You do not look at all saggy. Do you have a magic bra?

Work With What You've Got said...


It’s a combination of things. One is that I didn’t “blossom” until my mid twenties, which leaves me ahead of the game (or behind?) in the perky department. I have the boobs of a much younger girl. 

But I also have a magic bra, AND it’s cheap.
It’s the house brand from Target. And it’s only 11.99. No promises it will work for you, but my normal size (34 D) was perfect and it’s SUPER comfortable and supportive. I am really very impressed by it. It comes in black, white and nude. I have the nude.

Copy and past that link but if it does work, it’s “Gilligan & O'Malley® Strapless Padded Bra – White” and it’s not actually padded, just well lined.