Tuesday, June 16, 2009

I Can Totally Get Away With It.

So I think I’ve mentioned it before but I am not a fan of people claiming that they love something but “can’t get away with it”. I dislike it because I feel like you should like what you like and wear what you want. I’m not taking about wearing things that are unflattering, or not right for your body type. I’m talking about being brave, stepping outside of the box and having fun.

However, I will accept that not everyone can get away with this dress.

June 16

The top is a floral linen.
June 16

The bottom is a tribal cotton.
June 16

The zipper is gold and aqua.
June 16

I can get away with it, and I will. :D

I adore this dress.
June 16

June 16

When my husband was helping me out of it (undoing the hook at the top) he commented on how well made it is. The top is boned and the bottom is beautifully gathered.

I did wear a wrap at the office.
June 16

And a bib at lunch.
June 16

I just felt so pretty and curvy and fabulous all day. The skirt swishes in the best way.

I also wore this beetle pendant. I got the pendant at the craft store this weekend for $3.99! All I had to do was throw it on some chain. How perfect does it look with this?
June 16

I also wore my signature turquoise bird.
June 16

FABULOUS wood and leather platforms.
June 16

June 16

And an amazing leather bag from my trip to Mexico last year.
June 16
Dress, Tracy Feith for Target
Cardi, Alternative
Sandals, MIA at Urban Outfitters
Beetle necklace, Self made
Turquoise Bird necklace, Love Erin Designs
Handbag, Cabo San Lucas, Mexico


Sal said...

Wowsers! You totally CAN get away with that amazing dress. And oh, the accessories! Loving the bag and shoes in equal amounts.

Jess said...

Those shoes are amazing!

WendyB said...

You definitely make it work.

Marie Lemondrop said...

Such FAB shoes and bag, I scored a purse from Mexico too, and love it. But those shoes I would love to get away from you if I could. :)

GlamaRuth said...

That dress was goen by the time I remembered Feith for Target was released, but I am happy to live vicariouly through you - it looks great! As doess your Rogan dress in the previous post.

eednic said...

i can get away with it too. GIB ME IT! >:O

girl! you look fabulous in this dress. TOTES FAB!

Candycane said...

It loooks really nice with the wrap - and the shoes are fab!

myedit said...

Target, eh? Who would've thunk? So much amazing stuff comes from there. And yes, you can get away with it, but you already know that...:)

Alannah said...

You're so fabulous in this outfit that it totally brought tears to my eyes! I am so serious. <3

I will always be jealous of those shoes. They are absolutely amazing and I would buy them in a second if I could wear them! :( That curve in the heel is BEYOND sexy.

allison said...

Normally I poo poo garments made from different fabrics, BUT that dress is amazing! I love shopping Target because I get cash back from Ebates.com!

Rod Cruz said...

Your tattoos go perfectly with it too!

hello jamie: said...

Love the dress, love the shoes, love the whole outfit. Don't turn your head next time I'm over; I will totally steal it.

Trace said...

LOL at the bib! What an amazing dress. I have never seen it in Target and would have never guessed it came from there! You look gorgeous and stylish.

Sher said...

The dress even goes with your tattoos! surprised to see it was at Target. I would have guessed it was from Etsy. Nice!

Charlie said...

It's all about the attitude and that's what makes the dress fabulous on you! I totally agree with you, If you really love something it shows and you should take the plunge and wear it.

futurelint said...

Loving the dress and that beetle pendant is awesome! I hear that from people all the time about my clothes "I could never get away with that." Often they cite their older age, or the fact that I seem hip due to my nose ring, tattoos, and crazy red hair. You totally pull off the dress, no doubt about it.

Oranges And Apples said...

this dress is so amazing! als love the beetle pendant (and everything else actually!)

Tira said...

Yes, the dress is very, very well made. I saw it in a Target store and I must say, it looks fantastic on you. This is seriously something that everyone could not pull off, but your execution is fabulous.

Boutique Girl said...

LOVE THE DRESS!!! It is beautiful!

Shopaholic said...

Wow! what an amazing dress!
You carry it off perfectly...

Stephanie N. said...

That is awesome! I think your tattoos tie it all together. :-)

Lydia said...

I love your attitude, not to mention your style. I find it really hard to be as positive as you are about my own style and positive attributes...maybe it's because I'm British (and thus feel I have to be self-deprecating)! Anyway, you have inspired to be more confident so thanks for that!
Love your blog and style x

wardrobeexperience said...

Yes I totally agree!
But if you listen to other girls talk (don't we? we all do...)at changing rooms you often hear words like: ' oh, I really like it, but I don't know when/where to where something special like that!' They prefer wearing simple jeans and tees...for not attracting any attention.
Love the dress!
I adore the bag! I own a leather bag with floral patterns aswell. But mine isn't that beautiful...

God's Favorite Shoes! said...

Love this dress! You can rock it, I couldn't and I accept that:)