Monday, June 22, 2009

Boring. But Apparently Flattering.

Honestly, I felt like this outfit was so boring I was not even going to post it.

June 22

Mostly for fear of putting you to sleep. But then multiple co-workers complimented it, a barista gave me a free upgrade on my coffee and my husband said “that looks really flattering on you, you look really skinny”. So I decided maybe I was wrong.

June 22

June 22

Because I thought it was boring, I may have overcompensated with one too many necklaces (although I got that bird skull at a second hand shop on the way home, so I didn’t actually wear it all day, I just failed to take it off for the pictures). I think maybe the too many necklace look is something I really like and other people don’t care for as much. But I don’t really care. I'm having fun with it and I'll get over it soon enough, I always do.

June 22

I’ve actually started to worry about what will happen when these shoes fall apart, that’s how much I rely on them, as you can tell from the blog.

June 22

Blouse, Target
Pants, Wal-Mart
Shoes, Target
Chains, Thrifted
Bunny Pendant, Haute Hardware at Etsy
Bird Skull Pendant, Secondhand Shop
Leaf earrings, self made
Wood bangle, Target*
Snake Bracelet, Urban Outfitters*
Bunny bracelet, Love Erin Designs*

*detail shots can be found in last weeks posts


eednic said...

sometimes it's the simple things that make us look faboo! and they're all correct: you do look really good in this outfit. w3rd. pz.

Kyla said...

They weren't lying. This is super flattering and I love the necklace pile on!

Anonymous said...

very flattering for your body shape. those straight pants are so much more sophisticated than your usual skinny-jeans styles.

The Thrifty Stylist said...

the shoes definitely take this out of ho-hum. and you do look great~

Alannah said...

I agree, it's very flattering! Are there pleats in the top of that shirt? I wish I could see it better. I love the colour!

That bird skull necklace is awesome! How do you just find this stuff everywhere?! We need to go shopping together more (I wish)!!

I used to get paranoid about whether I was wearing "too much" jewelry. Yes, there is a line you can cross, but honestly if I think it looks good then I go with it. I never think your necklaces are too much!

evanadine said...

as everyone has said, i agree that this look is very flattering. it may be more basic that what is the norm for you, but it is very chic and pulled together.

on a totally unrelated note, i was curious if you ever wear your hair completely down. i notice you always pull the front back, and im just curious what you look like with it down. :)

Linda said...

I love how you said you would get over it soon enough...I do the same thing...

Tina said...

YOu do look very chic, so I'm glad you posted.

Don't forget to take your shoes into the cobbler before they need it! I'm not sure if your shoes are leather on the bottom, but if so, you can extend their life by getting new soles put on them. And you can get taps put in to prevent scuff damage to the front of the shoes (although since they're not really pointy, you might not need to do that). Anyway, I love the cobbler. They've saved many a pair of shoes for me.

Work With What You've Got said...


I pretty much don't. I'm growing out bangs and they are not quite long enough for me yet, so I tuck them up. I promise I'm more sick of it than you are. I am 100% over it. I need Tina to teach me to braid.


I always get shoes repaired, but I waited. You are so msart, I am going to take them in ASAP. (yes, they are a leather on bottom)

Work With What You've Got said...

HAHAHA. I love when I spell "smart" msart" and prove how much I am not.

Fashion and more said...

You look msart in all your posts and i'm sure you are msart too :o)

Sheila said...

Yup, this is a great outfit - really simple, basic, flattering pieces, with fab accessories in the necklaces (love 'em, and covet that skull necklace) and the shoes.

Well done!

Jane said...

I'd put that look into the simply stylish chic bracket. Lovely.

Shopaholic said...

Well they do say 'less is more' - I think its super stylish.

Boutique Girl said...

You do indeed look very slim!

Connie said...

Confirmed. I am boring. I saw this and thought...I'd wear that every day.

Well, you would be proud of me for what I bought last weekend.

Went to Anthropologie with a gift card in hand. Went straight to the sale rack and found a pair of black and whit-ish almost off white, bold plaid print pants. Lined. Regular price $158. Paid $19.99. I love them. I picked them up and hesitated and remembered your post about loving it and wearing it no matter if you think you can pull it off or not. So, now they are mine.

And I will pull it off.

Somehow, someway.

I'll post pictures for you when I do.

heidijudy said...

i love the too-many-necklaces look. you look great.

futurelint said...

I am a big fan of the lots of necklaces look... and that bird skull one is AMAZING! Score!

Layla said...

lovely look & very chic indeed!! :)

super-stylish!! :)

Dottie said...

That is a great outfit. Looks chic and breezy!